Assisi Fallout: Cardinal Tauran On Ten-Days Holiday In India

Cardinal Touran was very appreciative of the Spirit of Assisi

From Vatican Radio’s website (with kudos to the eponymous flower)

November 04, 2011) Vatican’s top official for inter-religious dialogue is on a visit to India to follow up on the impetus given by the interfaith peace meeting convoked by Pope Benedict XVI on Oct. 27 in the central Italian town of Assisi. Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue accompanied by Council secretary Archbishop Pierluigi Celata left for India on Friday to hold meetings with representatives of Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Islam. Their schedule until Nov. 14 includes stops in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi and Amritsar, home to the Golden Temple, Sikhism’s holiest shrine. Their schedule has been organized by the Indian bishops and includes a meeting with Muslim leaders in Mumbai on Sunday. A meeting with Hindus is scheduled from Nov. 6-10 in Pune and another meeting and a seminar with Sikhs is slated Nov. 11-12 in Amritsar. On Nov. 13 they are to hold a meeting and a seminar with Jains in the Indian capital before heading back to Rome.

This is grand, isn’t it?

He had the impetus. He just had to follow up on it….


I just have an “impetus” to have a ten-day holiday in India, too. I should really, really follow up on it. Pity I am not so much into this kind of ecumenism, let alone have people forking out for the costs….

I can vividly picture Cardinal Tauran sitting there in Assisi with his faithful secretary, thinking: “wow, these people are really, really cool! Like, soooo cool! I must get to know them better, all of them! I mean, like, we can learn soooo much from Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Islam! Perhaps I should pray in the Golden Temple? It would be, like, sooo cool!….”

Or perhaps he just wanted to profit from Assisi to take an exotic holiday the other side of the planet, with the programme looking very much like a sightseeing guide.

I truly hope the second hypothesis is true, and the Cardinal is just wasting the money of the faithful for his own pleasure.


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  1. I do hope the Cardinal, in reguard to what he finds in India, follows that grand piece of American wisdom; “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” Don’t bring it back!

  2. This is all too much. I am hoping that they are meeting to foster kinder relations so that some of the Catholics and Christians in countries such as India and Pakistan are treated more kindly but at what price does this come? I believe that St. Francis had a similar trip but he went to be a Martyr and to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Is this Bishop and his Pontifical Counsel going to PREACH THE GOSPEL or to find ways to hold hand and water down the faith? Personally I am taking this matter up with my spiritaul director as it gets too upsetting.

    • Yes, St. Francis went to convert – possibly, to die as a martyr whilst doing so -.

      I can spot a couple of differences with Cardinal Tauran.


  3. Maybe the purpose of his visit is build congenial relations with the local religious heads to prevent further attacks on the local Catholic and Christian denomination there… There have been and still are numerous attacks and acts of vandalism on Churches and Catholic school. None of the offenders have been brought to justice.

  4. Remediaf,

    the text itself says that the Cardinal decided to travel

    “to follow up on the impetus given by the interfaith peace meeting convoked by Pope Benedict XVI on Oct. 27 in the central Italian town of Assisi.”

    I’d suggest we stick to what the Vatican says.


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