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Atheocracy, Democracy, Freedom.

Today he would say: never more than one election away from Obama.

Beautiful intervention from Bishop Conley, attacking the (aggressive) secular society at a pro-life meeting in Dallas.

“Atheocracy” is the name he chooses to describe

“a society that is actively hostile to religious faith and religious believers. And I might add — the faith that our society is most hostile toward is Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular.”

Such a society is based upon purely synthetic moral values, based on pretty much nothing as far as inviolable principles are concerned.

“Hence, it has no foundation upon which to establish justice, secure true freedom, or to constrain tyrants,”

As an example, he took Roe vs Wade, “atheocracy” in action and “the violence of the strong against the weak”. Still,

“Without God, there is no basis for morality and no necessary protections for man. The strong decide what is right or wrong — even who lives and who dies.”

Abortion anyone? Euthanasia? Why does this ring a bell?

Atheocracy works very well, of course, in matters of sexual perversion, then a society with no place for moral values is a place with no place for condemnation of sexual perversion. This is when atheocracy starts to recognise so-called homosexual marriages, because

“our atheocratic government now deems itself competent to rewrite ‘the laws of Nature’s God’ — the God-given definitions of marriage and the family”

It wasn’t always that way in the old U S of A, though, as

“the Declaration’s expressed belief in the divine origin of the human person is everywhere presumed in the Constitution”,

and one can’t say that it hasn’t served the country well. Whether this will continue, and a country where homo soldiers have the right to shower together with their straight colleagues – what have homos to look for in an army, anyway? I mean, have we all become MAD?! – might discover before too long that being a world power is nothing automatic, or due to one country.

In short, Bishop Conley hits the bull’s-eye on the protracted deterioration of democratic institutions through aggressive secular thinking. Mind, though, that when a democracy betrays Christian values, this democracy has ceased to earn the right to exist, and the time will come when it is not able to withstand the onslaught of other – and hopefully authentically Christian – forces.

The great Ronald Reagan* used to say that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. The same thinking applies, I believe, to democratic institutions. As long as there are deep and universal values sustaining them, they will thrive and prosper. When, though, these values are substituted by caricatures of Christian values – see the fake “charitee” of the pro-homo lobby, or the fake Hitler-humanitarianism of Lebensunwertes Leben euthanasia – the basis of democratic consensus will be eroded, up to the point where democracy is not in a position to defend itself anymore and dies; it dies, then, because it has deserved to. And when your democracy goes, be very afraid for your freedom itself.

About freedom again, Reagan – one who would have liked Bishop Conley – said it so beautifully:

How can we survive as a free Nation when some decide that others are not fit to live, and should be done away with.

Food for thoughts…..


*Three Hail Marys from me, and you’re welcome.

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