Liberal Catholicism Explained

From Messa In Latino, a beautiful example of liberal tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

In Caltanissetta (Sicily), a priest decides that one either receives on the tongue, or he doesn’t receive at all. Is he allowed to do so according to Canon Law? I don’t know, and frankly I doubt.

What I do not doubt, though, is that one of the liberal non-communicants went to the sacristy after Mass and started to insult the poor priest with such violence that other people, forcibly hearing the scene, called the Carabinieri.

Yep, I’d say this explains well the “spirit” of liberal Catholicism.


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  1. Those liberals! they’re soooo tolerant, until somebody wants to do it the way it’s always been done!

  2. veraefideisacramenta

    I have been wondering for some time whether, per Redemptoris Sacramentum 92, a priest could argue that distributing Holy Communion in the hand by definition is profaning the Sacrament, insofar as its history (notwithstanding the dubious appeals to “Early Church praxis) coincides with a denial of the Real Presence.

    All this makes one more aware of the ridiculous permission for the practice in the first place, and the sad fact that it is still permitted in so many places.

    • I doubt it, as AFAIK a priest is obliged to give communion in the hand if requested unless there are special circumstances.
      I think the matter will be solved only when the Vatican decides to terminate the practice.


  3. As Alice Thomas Ellis used to say there’s nothing so cross as a crossed liberal.

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