Partial Victory In Thiberville

I am NOT joking, I tell you! This IS a Catholic bishop!

Great news from France, where it was announced that Father Michel, the hero of Thiberville, is now allowed to have his own parish in Le Planquay, in the smallest church of the diocese.

Le Planquay is merely 5 km away from Thiberville. Let’s call it a nice walk, or bicycle ride.

What appears evident to me is that the intent here was certainly not to “punish” Father Michel with a small church, but to allow him to remain as near as possible to his congregation.

Unfortunately, whilst Bishop Nourrichard has been clearly bypassed by the decision – forced on him by the Congregation for the Clergy – the bad news is that said Bishop Nourrichard remains in charge of the diocese. In time, perhaps, this problem will be sorted out, too.

We should pray for Bishop Nourrichard, of course. I promise you I’ll try until I succeed.

For the moment, let us rejoice for Father Michel and for his brave parishioners, soon able to have their beloved priest again.

Bishop Nourrichard was appointed to his present position by the current Pontiff.


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  1. There’s only one thing missing in this bishop’s picture; nuns wearing grass skirt habits!

  2. Indeed until the Pope starts to use his God given authority to sort these heretical prelates out nothing will change quickly.

  3. This Father Michel needs to be put in purple, or basically, switch the position of the Bishop and him.

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