Michael Voris: Obama explained in 5:39

Absolutely spiffing commentary of Michael Voris on Adolf Hussein Obama’s notorious speech at Notre Dame.


The last part is the best.



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  1. I’ve supported MV for about a year and a half for one reason, he speaks the truth withot compromise. That irks the living hell ot of people like Mark Shea, a very nice fringe benefit of supporting Michael Voris! Heh, heh, heh! LOL!

  2. Mundador, Michael Voris has, to the best of my knowledge, has never publically said an unkind word about Mark Shea. He has, however, criticized the Vatican II spirit, the use of Protestant worship songs like Amazing Grace in the Mass, (and boy, did he ever catch hell from Shea and David Armstrong for saying maybe we should use Catholic music for Catholic worship services!) and has denounced, sometimes by name, some of our spineless bishops. Shea however, has always used his blog and his other media outlets to defame, harass, and even to cyber-stalk people who had the gall to disagree with him. IMHO, and others, he’s spiritually and mentally unbalanced, and one day he will suffer a meltdown that won’t be pretty at all. He is, btw, a leftist in his politics. On only has to read his rants on the death penalty to see this.

    • Stephen, I agree Shea is not one of my heroes.

      He was, I think, extremely angry when Michael Voris criticised those who criticised Corapi before everything was known. Still, Voris didn’t make any name, Shea did – and did in a very unedifying way. Voris didn’t react with a personal attack to Shea. I am sure a lot of people noticed.


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