The Nichols Challenge

I call “The Nichols Challenge” the attempt to comment on the latest heretical statement of our not-so-beloved – though much in need of our prayers – Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols without falling in mortal sin.

I have made a couple of attempts, but really if I start to write what I think of the man, it doesn’t serve anyone.

Therefore, I ask you to enjoy (ha!) Rorate Caeli’s take on the matter.

Please, please don’t let me say more.



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  1. Oh Mundabor, please do! I’ve been looking forward to your comments on this.

  2. Personally I blame the Pope. The buck stops with him and he has done little to stop prelates like Nichols from further damaging the Church in the UK.

    • I agree, Gerard.

      “The buck stops with him” says it, I think, beautifully.

      Still, I see the Pontiff as indirectly responsible, and Nichols as the direct culprit.


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