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Some Good Bishops (Even) In France

Well done! Bishop Rey of Toulon.

You would not have believed this possible – nor would I, to be frank – but even in France there is still the one or other Bishop who dares to be… Christian.

The Bishop of Toulon, Mons. Dominique Ray, has dared to do what many of his colleagues would consider an affront to democratic institution (and Christianity be stuffed): he called for the ban of a blasphemous piece now on its way to France from, you guessed it, Spain.

Yes, to get it right: the good man supports the ban of the work, because by all love of freedom in front of blasphemy every Christian is supposed to draw a line and, in a Christian country, to ask that this be respected by the community in which he lives.

I will not anger you with a list of the blasphemies contained in the work. Suffice it to say that possibly even Cardinal Schoenborn – a man able to promote blasphemous crap like this, besides going to bed with his  heretical priests and supporting the lies of Medjugorje – would find the piece a bit, well, risqué.

We should not get too optimistic, of course. This is still the land of the Nourrichards, and if I were asked who between the two is more representative of the state of the episcopacy in France I do not think I would be able to give any other answer than the terrifying one.Still, it is good that every now and then, a Western European bishop even remembers to do his job.


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