The Fruits of Vatican II: Ebro Observatory

Edouard Manet, "The Suicide".

If there’s one thing the Jesuits do brilliantly, it is extinguishing themselves.

This, they do with a passion, as if it was a tenet of Vatican II that the Jesuit order should not see the year 2050. No, wait: make it the year 2030. No, wait…

The zeal with which the Order, carried on the wings of the joyous V II renewal, is progressing towards the achievement  of this admirable and, we must say, desirable end is well exemplified by the recent announcement – reported by Rorate Caeli, the heroic supporters of the aggiornamento – about the closure of the Ebro Observatory, founded by them in 1904. Those were, as the reader(s) will remember, the dark times before V II, when the Church had not experienced the great work of the Holy Spirit yet  (as we all know, He was waiting for V II to spread His light)  and lived in a pre-historic obscurity characterised by unseemly phenomena like, say, a huge amount of followers, power as much as you like, and a real grip on the great part of the population.

Fortunately, those times are now rapidly going to an end and the Jesuit Order – renewed and refreshed, no doubt, by a warm shower of Holy Spirit – is preparing itself for a rather unobserved, but certainly glorious tomb.

Ah, to be like them! To be able to die ignored and forgotten, and saying that this is one’s true vocation and the fulfillment of one’s being! How the Jesuits really pave the way for the rest of us!

Where’s the tambourine?……


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