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Being Blind Certainly Won’t Help

"He was, erm, like, Mary Magdalen's boyfriend, right?"

The kindly Bishop was not criticising a previous generation for failing to provide an immediate experience of the beatific vision. He was pointing out what it obvious to anyone willing to be honest about the life of the Church in the past few decades. Children, parents and young grandparents have grown up without clear teaching on the divinity of Christ, the infallibility of the Church, the real presence, the Sunday Mass obligation, the wrongfulness of artificial contraception, the existence of purgatory… to list but a few of the doctrines that have been considered too hard. That is what he means by the failure to pass on the fullness of the faith

His Hermeneuticalness comments with these words the reflection of Bishop Davies, made in the last days, that “this generation has failed to pass on the fulness of the faith”.

Whilst some Tablet blogger (a religious sister, apparently. Well I never…) did not miss the occasion to say something stupid (“No generation ever alive has passed on the fullness of faith to the next. The fullness of faith is beyond us all”. I wonder if she is just pulling our leg), the message of Bishop Davies is very clear, and well explained by the words cited above.

The last decades have brought us a probably unprecedented loss of Catholic Truth,  a collapse in basic knowledge of Christian – and Catholic – tenets like I doubt ever happened in the Christian past; yes, even in the corrupted Renaissance, or licentious Eighteen Century.

To vast strata of the population – who would, if asked, define themselves “Christian” – Christianity has become a vague do-goodism and collection of platitudes that isn’t more resembling of Christianity than a Christmas Pudding.  If you want to make a test, just ask the next person who defines himself “a Christian, I suppose” to recite to you the Ten Commandments, or the names of the Evangelists, or who was John The Baptist, or even to explain to you in simple word what a sin is.

You’ll be surprised. Or perhaps, not.

Modern wannabe Christianity has become a strange Gandhi-cum-Nelson Mandela soup, extremely sugary and to which a generous dollop of Nazism is added; the fare is there to let people feel good and absolve themselves of all their sins by celebrating  the way others commit theirs.  “Tolerance”, “inclusiveness”, “diversity”, and “niceness” are the new religion, and many delude themselves into feeling “Christian” (when they think about it; which must not happen very often as it is not very “inclusive”) because they are so tolerant as to approve of marijuana use, so inclusive as to condone sexual perversion, so loving of “diversity”  as to encourage the spreading of false religions and so nice as to allow abortion, euthanasia, legalised sodomy and, possibly, polygamy and bestiality in a not-too-distant future.

How could it happen, would you ask?

My answer is very simple: it happened because with Vatican II (how did the sister with a passion for stupid phrases describe it? Ah, yes: “the greatest gift to our time”…) most religious have simply stopped teaching Christianity, and have substituted it for a soppy collection of platitudes meant not to anger anyone, and to let everyone feel good.

The result is in front of all of us: people who most generations before us would have never called Christians, and surpassed in their knowledge of Christianity – let alone, basic Catholicism – by every illiterate Catholic peasant or scullery maid circa 1912 you would care to mention.

Being blind certainly won’t help.


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