Bishop Fellay On Why The Negotiations Failed

From Rorate Caeli, the most clearly formulated explanation yet of why the talks between the SSPX and the Vatican failed.

I have never read anything so movingly beautiful from the SSPX than this intervention. There is no animosity there, and no acrimony. Bishop Fellay simply explain where things stand, why the proposal is not acceptable and how things could – but probably won’t for the time being – progress further.

I have read and re-read the message and could find nothing even remotely linked to the “Taleban attitude” so often moved as accusation against the Society. Once again, they might have their fair share of nutcases in the pews, but the clergy and the top brass are not irrational or fanatical – if we except Williamson, in part – at all.

This is so beautiful that is best understood if read in its entirety. I therefore invite you to click the link and make an idea for yourself on Rorate Caeli.

Next time you pray for Hitchens, think whether at that point the SSPX doesn’t deserve the same treatment, at the very least.


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