“Triumph: The Power and Glory of the Catholic Church”

In Hoc Signo Vinces!

I am now reading (thanks to the beauty of Kindle; the Endwaffe of the book lover, and a seriously addictive tool) the above mentioned book, the fruit of the labour of a Catholic convert, H.W. Crocker, III.

You have probably understood by the title that in Mr Crocker’s Weltanschauung tambourines don’t play much of a role. On the contrary, the title itself seems to have been chosen extra to anger those ready to accuse of triumphalism everyone who is not ready to apologise for being Catholic.

A small caveat before you run and buy the book (something you should do, if you ask me): this is not a work written to academic standard like, say, the skeptical environmentalist, a book which manages to reconcile rigorous academic research with easy-to-understand writing style for the masses. This is a book meant for easy reading, a train companion so to speak, but not at par with academic standards.

I can’t say I always agreed with the approach – a bit simplistic at times – but what this book certainly does very well is providing the reader with an easy to understand, entertaining and edifying description of the workings of the Church. The problems, the corruption, or the outright scandals are never denied; rather, the motive of the book seems to explain to the reader not only what has factually happened, but how even in difficult times the Church was able to keep the right orientation, never being perfect but always being, well, infallibly guided.

The orthodoxy of the author is unquestionable: this is a convert who very well sees the variance between orthodox Catholicism and the world, past as well as present. He stresses the fact that in all important doctrinal matters, Rome was always on the right side; and he makes so in a refreshing, ironic, very Catholic way, allowing for human frailties whilst never losing sight of the bigger truth.

The Christmas season is upon us and with it, for many, the waiting time at the airport. This book can make your airport much more agreeable, and for those of you smart enough to have a Kindle 😉 is available.. now.

I wish there were more of these books, easy-to-understand, entertaining everyday Catholicism books going against the BBC-style of secularism.

I am only in the first quarter of it, but I think you could do worse than order this book.


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  1. I read this soon after I converted and found it to be perfect start for a new convert.

  2. Have you ever read Frank Sheed?

    Another convert and a brilliant Catholic apologist…

    • No, but I’ll keep him in mind.

      I can’t avoid noticing many of the most brilliant Catholic apologists are actually converts. Doesn’t say much of Catholic education I am afraid…


  3. What an interesting review. The author also wrote a book defending the British Empire. I had been thinking about buying it but I think it would infuriate me too much.

    Have a very happy new year! Hope you had a great Christmas!

    • Thanks Shane,

      the book is VERY simplified in many ways. It is more a “train reading” than a serious treatise with any academical pretence. But it does its job.

      I have read another book of the “politically incorrect” series (the one about global warming) and found it excellent, also because very abrasive. If the book about the British Empire has half of the chuzpah, it can’t be a bad investment!


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