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Nothing Compares To Your Idiocy: Sinead O’Connor.

The boy needs to grow up a bit.

One of the most salient traits of modern society is the fact that people claim – and are given – credibility just because they happen to be famous.

A beautiful example of this is Sinead O’Connor. I can’t imagine any other age in which an unstable lesbian with rather hysteric ideas, a penchant for suicide and in general rather fit for a specialised establishment for mental illnesses can ordain herself – or be ordained by some other clown – a “priestess” and be taken seriously. In every other age, people would say to her “yes, dear” and care that there are no knives lying about.

Not with this lady (boy?), though. We are here in front of a person who married four times – showing an admirable ability to stick to her own decisions – threw in some lesbianism just for the fun of it, and made other rather extraordinary things like tearing a photo of the Pope, “the real enemy” (of unrepentant lesbians, yes!), and rant about child abuse as if it was something the Church specialise in. Which is very funny, because in order to see a prime example of sexual perversion she needs to do no more than look at the mirror.

Is it a surprise that such egomaniacal people should twitter around that they need sex, or that they feel suicidal and need a doctor and ask tweeters to find her – a rich woman with access to the best of the best – one; or marry the same person they divorce a couple of weeks later? Come on,  who would take such people seriously in real life?  The lady (boy?) should go back to kindergarten and seriously start working on becoming a halfway responsible adult instead of the whining, passive-aggressive, manipulative lesbian bitch she is.

Don’t bet your pint.

“Oh, but she, oh, has, oh, bi-po-lar, oh, di-sor-der”, I hear (the usual) people say. Bipolar disorder, my foot. If you know you’re unstable, don’t behave unstably in public. If you can’t avoid behaving unstably in public, you are ripe for the above mentioned specialised structures.

But no: this pervert, never grown prepubescent cretin will continue to make pathetic headlines with every anti-Catholic rant whilst the usual idiots will continue not only to justify whatever she does, but to continue to see in such example of self-centred immaturity or outright stupidity and perversion some kind of guiding light for their own agenda.

That’s a bad’un; and mind my words, if she doesn’t change she will come to a very bad end.


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