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“Nice” And Punishment

The end of "Niceness"

This is not mine, but comes from a homily recently listened to.

The reflection is very simple: was everyone in Sodom a sodomite? The rational answer is “no”. Still, we know from the Genesis that even after a rather tiring negotiation, Abraham (Abram, I think, at that point) could not bring the number of righteous people there down to the number necessary to save the city, though as a good Easterner he had negotiated down from 50 to (if memory serves) 10.

Therefore, not even 10 just people were present in Sodom, which implies the number of the unjust was certainly bigger than the number of the Sodomites.

Fast forward to modern times, and the Genesis picture is in front of our eyes. How many are the homosexual? Very probably not much more than half a percent among the adult population in average, and certainly not more than a good two-digit percentage even in places like Soho. How could, then, Sodom be destroyed? The answer is: because of the “niceness” reigning even where sexual perversion hadn’t entered; because, speaking of today, of the too many who look the other way and do not want to miss the civil partnership ceremony of the neighbour, or even congratulate him on his achievement; because of all those for whom a perfectly wrongly understood Tolerance is a new god, to whom everything, even Christianity, must bow; because of all those who just don’t care, and can’t be bothered to ask whether they could; because of all those who would not at least promise to themselves they will, at the right time, try to influence the (literally) poor sods in the right way.

The thought is rather scary if we think how many have nowadays, particularly in modern Sodoms like London, embraced the New Religion of Tolerance. It really lets one think that the day the situation gets out of control and not even a tiny number of people who still think with their own brains can be found, the next heaven-sent genocide cannot be very far away; genocide which, by-the-by, would be in itself a rather eloquent answer to the New Religion.

We are, hopefully, far away from that situation, as even in a place like London conservative Catholicism and conservative Christianity still resonate with a non indifferent minority of the population. How long will this last, is rather the question. Unless Christians (and notably Catholic) hierarchies wake up in this country, Christianity as it has been understood and practised in these last two thousand years might one day become a strange collection of old rituals no one really understands anymore, like those squares and street names everyone knows, but whose name’s origin is understood just by few. One has the impression this is already happening in vast strata of the soi-disant Christian population, as it is shown by examples like the “priestess” giving (fake) communion to the dog with most of the present finding the gesture “natural”, and only one person complaining afterwards.

Niceness is the new enemy and it is literally everywhere, corrupting every idea of moral justice into an indistinct, tofu-like, sugary minestrone whose ingredients are still written on the can, but have long disappeared from the content.

We must stay vigilant and not allow ourselves to slip by degrees into this mentality of celebrating everything. It will only attract countless disgraces in the best of cases, and a huge amount of brimstone in the worst.


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