Archbishop Nichols Continues To Shame The Church

They all stink from the head down. Not unlike the Church.

Very courageously, His Heremeneuticalness has published a scandalous video of “bidding prayers” in a so-called “gay mass”. You find the video here.

If you have the stomach to listen to it, not only you will hear the usual passive-aggressive “oh how I am persecuted” crap, but you will notice the lectern covered with a rainbow cloth. In a sacred place. At Mass.

When you are already wondering whether this is a joke, or some fake staged by right-wing extremists, you’ll see a strange guy dressed in drags, the very epitome of a carnival figure, reading some of the prayers with a desperate attempt to look and sound like a stupid woman, and only succeeding in making a very sad joke of himself.

Of course, we know that such people exist. People not only perverted in their sexual orientation; not only utterly refusing to do anything against it – and be it a daily prayer that they might be freed from their, erm, perversion rather than being proud of it – but even hijacking what is most sacred for the sake of their propaganda. We know these people exist, and we know they will find priests – homosexual themselves, or without any sensible notion of their job and duties – ready to be their accomplices.

What really makes me angry, is that from the very top of the E&W hierarchy, such desecration and perversion of Christianity is tolerated and silently or openly approved. Archbishop Nichols, the man who allows so-called “gay-masses” in the heart of London, has openly expressed his support for “civil partnership” legislation (just use the search function of this blog, and you’ll find more than you wished for). In this country we are at the vigil of the introduction of so-called gay-marriages, a pet of our disgraceful Prime Minister, and his opposition to this has been limited to the murmur of half-disapprobation ex officio which clearly gives to understand he is not contrary at all, he merely must say so.

Archbishop Nichols is the single biggest problem of the Church in E&W today. If we had a Catholic as Archbishop, the fight he would start on these issues would make it impossible for the likes of Cameron to act the liberal and progressive without paying a heavy political price, and at that point even Cameron would get that there’s nothing to be gained. Not so with Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols, possibly the most shameless accomplice of secular values and betrayer of Catholic truth this country has ever seen. Archbishop Nichols abets perversion every day with his words, with his acts and with his silence. He sells Catholic – nay, elementary Christian – values for the sake of an easy popularity among those who don’t care for the Church; he is every bit as bad – nay, worse still, much worse – than the pitiful pervert in drags you can see in the video: then the pervert may claim ignorance of the very basis of Catholicism and has no responsibility for so many sheep.

Yes, we must pray for the Archbishop. But we must also pray that he be removed, at once.


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  1. You wouldn’t get it in Scotland. Maybe a swap could be arranged. ‘Scotland’s shame’ for ‘Nichols’s shame’?

    • Frank,
      I’d rather arrange a transfer in some very hospitable and pleasant place like, say, French Guyana…

      As for Scotland, I dislike their enmity to traditionalism, but it seems to me as to orthodoxy they are far better than the bunch of cowards led by a XYW$%£”& we have to deal with.


  2. I’m half-way through the video and it’s just pandering of the most pathetic sort. Why don’t they just erect a statue of Mithras and be done with it?

    • Why don’t they just erect a statue of Mithras and be done with it?

      Interesting question.

      My take is that they want to have their cake and eat it. They want to give in to their perversion, do so publicly, and be entitled to our solidarity and approval.

      Stupid sods.


  3. I’m sorry for the ‘comment-bombing’ but do the people allowing this to happen actually think they are strengthening the Church by appeasing her most outrageous and vituperative critics with stunts like this? It’s like thinking I can beat that pit-bull next door by letting it fill its belly with my fingers.

    • Frank,

      The people allowing this to happen don’t care two straws for Christ and His Church. If they did, they wouldn’t allow this to happen.

      Truly, it’s as simple as that and there can be no excuses.


  4. Mind-boggling scandal!

    I was alarmed when Nichols was appointed. Then I read a piece by Damian Thompson which appeared to rehabilitate him somewhat, and I thought ‘Well, perhaps we should give him a chance.’

    Should have known better.

    • trof4st,

      Thompson (a man who is wrong more often than right, but is sometimes right) had an initial confidence that Nichols would represent a change for the better compared to his mind-bogglingly un-Catholic predecessor, Murphy O’Connor. The fact the latter was allowed to retire at 75 further encouraged such hopes, as it wouldn’t make sense to show the door to an enemy of the Church to allow another one to get in and take his place.

      Alas, it turned out the Holy Father simply hasn’t the guts to choose the right people and, when he sees he has picked up the wrong one, keep him in line or kick him out. For this reason, bar huge surprises Nichols will continue with his antics at least as long as the present pontificate lasts, and will look at the imminent “gay-marriage” legislation with barely disguised satisfaction whilst he mutter one or two official grumbles, in very subdued tones, for the sake of the office.


  5. Nichols is a disaster movie.

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