Adoption Agencies And The Soul Of The Country.

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Leftfooter has an interesting observation about the matter of Catholic adoption agencies. Go here  to read his point and please note, once again Trevor Phillips chooses the wrong side (a speciality of his, this).

I  understand Leftfooter’s argument, and agree with him; but I would, personally, choose a different perspective, one which has to do with the very soul of the country.

Muslims (or Hindus, etc) should have no right to be treated absolutely in the same way as Christians, because this is supposed to be a Christian country. Individual freedom rights can only exist within the fabric of a country, not be the negation of it.

We have been conned into believing that “equality” means the lie has the same rights as the truth, and whatever applies to one must apply to everyone else.

This is just plain wrong.

The battle for Christian values must be fought *defending Christian values as such*, not in the name of an abstract “equality” which, at some point, does have to end. There will always be a point in which two different cultures come to a clash.

If we make of “equality” the metre of what is right and decide everyone must be free to follow his religion as they please, because we want to be free to follow ours as we please we’ll soon have infibulation galore, no obligation to work on Fridays in the office, the occasional Suttee in the heart of London, and “sacred cows” on the North Circular.

In the end, no country can do without basic values, which then inform the entire system, including the way “equality” is lived, or “freedom” exercised.  The sooner we get this, the better. The alternative is an endless squabble about respective “freedom” and “liberties”, at the end of which there can only be blood.


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