Medjugorje: Day Of Reckoning Approaches?

Pray for us, who have recourse to Thee

I have written about the greatest hoax of our times, Medjugorje, here  and in other places (to find them, please use the search function).

We are now informed Cardinal Puljic of Serajevo, a member of the Ruini-led commission “studying” the hoax, says “we need to finish [our work] this year”.

Well congratulations, say I, this is very fast by Church standards, though it is not entirely clear to me whether the Cardinal expresses a private wish or rather gives publicity to the commission’s objectives.

Be it as it may, in this matter I have a certainty and a fear, both of them – as I immodestly think – solidly grounded.

The certainty is that this ridiculous joke of a hoax will be exposed, and the lack of its supernatural character made plain once and for all even to the thickest, for whom two diocesan bishops – the ones who are supposed to know, and to be obeyed in such matters – are not good enough . The very idea the Church might endorse a “phenomenon” involving the Blessed Virgin inciting to disobedience to the bishop, taking the sides of a fornicating priest, and appearing with astonishing frequency to some of the world’s specialists in lies and contradictions is too daft to even contemplate.

The fear is that in the usual effort of not displeasing anyone, the commission will not refrain from the accustomed sugary words about how pious and in good faith are those who flock to Medjugorje in order to live their Christian faith bla,bla.  As the Medjugorje fan base is largely made of rather thick heads – a fact of which you will immediately persuade yourself with a short Internet tour – ready to believe all and everything but what the competent bishop, Catholic rules and common sense say, there is no doubt in my mind the smallest quantity of sugary “approval” (even if only given, so to speak, to the intention) will immediately be wilfully misunderstood as the umpteenth excuse not to understand plain words, and to go on as accustomed with the daily fake telefaxed miracle they so desperately seem to need as a surrogate for their, well, lack of Christian faith.

On the contrary, in my opinion if the Church wants to go beyond the minimum objective of setting things straight, and proceed to set up to recover these poor deluded souls to Truth, nothing less than the strongest condemnation is necessary, and nothing else will achieve its aim. 

They can do it softly softly of course, and by doing so they will satisfy the overwhelming majority of those who tell themselves Catholic, and the totality of those who are; but the latter don’t need to be satisfied as they are already persuaded.

In order to let the fan base see reason, the commission will need to be brutal. If they don’t, there’ s no hope such specialists in self-deceit will not find ways to continue to deceive themselves. 

Alas, I very much doubt the Commission will have the guts. 


P.s. This blog doesn’t give voice to heresy. Intelligenti pauca.

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