Missionary Goes Native And Refuses To Baptise

Radical Missionary

This is not a joke, but apparently something some kind of people are even happy to talk about.

As we read in Rorate Caeli, a wannabe “missionary”, now 90 years old, refused to baptise the natives. I report below the English translation of this delirious – or as at Rorate Caeli is commented, satanic – reasoning below:

 It is a project with a radical view of the evangelization that expresses itself in a unique way: “We do not baptize any Yanomani – Sabatini says – because we are convinced that it would make no sense to baptize a person outside the community, and that it is the culture that should be evangelized: man has the right to have his culture, and he must find in it the way to express himself christianly. Baptizing outside the community would have meant establishing a double personality in Baptism.” Which is why, Zaccaria says, “Sabatini responded thus that monsignor anxious to know how many Yanomami he had baptized: ‘not a single one, thanks to the Good God.’ “

Note here the following:

1) The person interviewing the wannabe missionary describes the unbelievably un-Christian attitude of the man as “a radical view of the evangelisation”, which actually consists in not evangelising, “that expresses itself in a unique way”, which actually consists in not expressing it.

It is as if sodomy was called “a radical view of conjugal love”, or murder “a radical view of brotherly love”.

2) Christianity is seen as an exercise in socialism. It does not make sense to baptise individual, says this vecchio malvissuto, and unspeakable ass. We all know Jesus said “go and do not baptise anyone unless the entire culture has been evangelised”, don’t we?

Seriously, what an unspeakable ass.

3) The novel concept of “dual personality in baptism” is introduced. I never heard of it, but it must be my fault. It would appear most baptisms performed in all regions on their way to evangelisation has a  “double personality”, including all those performed in the times of the Gospel. One never ceases to learn, does he?

4) An anonymous Monsignor apparently knows our “missionary” isn’t baptising anyone, “thanks to the Good God”, and does… what exactly? We aren’t told and he may, in fact, have informed the chap’s superiors something is seriously wrong with the man.

Personally, I would have thought – being a mistrustful person, which latter trait serves me rather well in life – that someone who wants to be a missionary without baptising might well be someone who went out there in the amazon forest to have sex with the local women – or worse, boys – without running the risk of being exposed, or with some other sort of grave perversion requiring him to live retired from the western civilisation. Seriously, such a one can’t be normal, and “progressive” religious turned out to be, say, lovers of boys rather than of Christ are, pun not intended, legion. Also, consider a chap like this is solidly in the hands of Satan, and when this happens it generally shows in a plurality of ways.

I have reflected for a while how to write about these events and remain charitable in my approach. But seriously, in front of such abominations the most charitable attitude is to speak the truth and point out that whilst perversion does not have to hide behind such astonishing thinking, it is rather often the motivation behind the “radical views” of their proponents.

Please pray for the doting ass. He is in dire need of prayer, and hasn’t much time left.


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