The Sensitive Nazi

A Sensitive Nazi caught in his natural habitat

One concept I shall never tire to express is that every Nazi needs to show himself sensitive. In fact, I do not recall many examples in history (the Vikings are certainly one; some Redskin tribes another; but these examples are few and far between) of populations and ideology making of cruelty an accepted part of social behaviour.

Generally, even the most cruel people will want to show themselves sympathetic, and desirous to help.

Take the killing of babies. Monstrous, right? Certainly so, until The Sensitive Nazi appears on the scene. Being he/she a Nazi, the child who is to be killed is conveniently put in the background, and substantially ignored. He is immediately downgraded to collateral damage of the Sensitive Nazi’s goodness. But you see, the Sensitive Nazi is so good: he thinks of the suffering mother, and will create pitiful stories about abortions obtained with the most atrocious means – in Italy the knitting needles are very popular for the purpose; apparently, in the UK cloth hangers are preferred. That a child should not be aborted in the first place is completely set aside, forgotten, ignored. This has the same logic as to complain that as your robber doesn’t have the money to shoot you in the head, he should be sympathised with when he skins you slowly with a kitchen knife, and we should find ways allowing him to kill you in a humane way and at no discomfort for your killer.  With the not irrelevant difference that you are not likely to be killed in an extremely painful way by a robber armed with a knife, whereas an army of babies is killed in an extremely painful way by the likes of Planned Parenthood.

At this point, the Sensitive Nazi has already managed to put the real victim very much in the background, and to put in the centre stage the “suffering” of the one who wants to kill him. I know, there is no logic or humanity in this; but again, this is why they are Nazis.

Once come at this point, the Sensitive Nazi will proceed to introduce his plan by installments. Let us admit abortion only in some extreme cases, they will start to say. In case of rape, say. This is very interesting, because the Sensitive Nazis knows once you have put the foot in the door, there is no way to avoid, in time, a complete opening. If you allow abortion in case of rape, which girl who sees herself terrified by her pregnancy will admit she has, well, not been raped? And when you have decided that life is sacred, but not always, how will you avoid the ambit of this “disposable sacredness” to be widened more and more with the time?

As always, if you compromise with the principle at the beginning, you will end up losing the entire principle at the end: divorce in cases of horrible cruelty and bla bla becomes divorce at will; abortion only in strictly circumscribed cases becomes abortion on demand; decriminalisation of scandalous sodomy becomes “civil partnership” and from there, the step to the “homo marriage” is but a short one; next on a screen near you, the euthanasia initially practised with the thousands safeguards now promised everywhere becomes killing by order of those who are deemed to be in charge for the poor old man or woman.

You don’t believe it? Strange, because this is exactly what happens already in the case of abortion.

The Sensitive Nazi is around you. He talks in a mealy-mouthed way about being tolerant and progressive, and sensitive to the suffering of people. He will sell all that is Christian one bit at a time, telling you all the time how good he is. In England, he is Prime Minister and is planning to attack another mainstay of Christian civilisation – marriage –  in order to show himself oh so tolerant, and sensitive.This, after he commented favourably a sentence forcing the Christian owners of a bed-and-breakfast to have sodomites under their roof.But you see, he presents himself as the “sensitive” guy all the time. Seriously: what a little Nazi bastard.

After the end of Communism, the Sensitive Nazi is the biggest single threat to Christian civilisation.


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  1. About that picture Mund; how dare you put such an ugly head on that beautiful animal! Kidding aside, the sensitive Nazi should be called the sensitive Progessive. All of these ideologies (socialism, communism,nazism, fascism) claim to be ‘progressive’. An interesting book to read on political progressivism is “Liberal Fascists” by Jonah Goldburg. He shows that the Westen World has been bedeviled by ‘progressive’ ideologies for the last 100 years. I hope that we will in the next few years trn our backs on the “progress” and return to sanity.

    • Funny indeed, Stephen.
      I like the adjective “fascist”, which I never use in a pejorative way.

      I agree with you the chances the pendulum will start to swong in the other direction in the next one-two decades are rather good. Not in the Uk at the start of course, but if the US and traditional Catholic countries like Italy take th elead, others will follow.


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