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Incredibile dictu, even in the secularised, tepid, indifferent, “let’s be nice to each other” United Kingdom opposition is starting to form to the perversion of what is most sacred, driven from a Prime Minister for which nothing is sacred, but his permanence to power.

You can sign the petition here.

Please notice this might become more than a rearguard battle, as the number of people getting slowly but surely angry is – incredibly – increasing. More than 50,000 citizen have already signed, and the tom tom can make this thing become huge with – if they wake up to the huge lie called “David Cameron” –  vast support in rural England, which is absolutely vital to the Tories’ permanence in power; or, more to the point, to Cameron’ s permanence at the head of it.

I will write about the situation separately. Please send the link everywhere, tweet…

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The Dancing Priest

I could have posted the immortal David Brent’s dance in the UK version of “the office”, but as we are dealing with a person alleged to be a priest I will, for this time, let it be and subtitute for something half a notch less embarrassing.

The fact is, if you go on father Z’s site you will see everything that is wrong with the Post-V II Church.

1) The room is, apparently, a church. Really?

2) The “dancing queen” is, apparently, a priest. Really?

3) A Mass is apparently going on. Really?

Of course, this could all be a joke, reminiscent of the Colbert video posted above. Tragically, it could not be one.

if this is not a joke, the kindest thing I can say to the chap is that he has picked up the wrong job. It would be atrocious enough if a politically correct priest oblivious of all that a Mass is would ask other people to set in scene such a tragic farce at mass; but that the very priest would put himself at the centre of the attention in such a David Brent-like way is really beyond contempt.

The fact is made more censurable still by the simple consideration that at mass you are not supposed to decide whether you want to assist at the performance, and are really not supposed to boo the performer (though I have my doubts on that; and some eggs might have been properly used).

One might, if he is really, really in a good mood, try to justify this obscene self-aggrandising exercise with some “celebration” or other of some “culture” which would, for reasons unknown to me, being promoted at Mass. But this really does not even begin to be an argument, as one could then decide to celebrate a bit everything wirth of “celebrating”, from Shakespeare to opera to cricket; and truly, even a batter and a bowler along the main nave wouldn’t have looked as stupid as this, not even if they had been priests.

Summa summarum, we have in front of us the cancer spread all over the Church by the V-II mentality: desire to “celebrate” pretty much everything but Christ, forgetfulness of the sacredness of Mass and of the church, acute desire for popularity both for the organisation and, most tragically here, for the priest; watering down of the religious message in an orgy of self-celebration of the community, so “embracing” and “participating”; dumbing down of the most elementary notions of sacredness, respect, reverence.

This, my dear readers, cannot be considered an isolated accident, born out of nowhere. Whilst this might well be – and I truly hope it is; nay, I truly hope this is a joke – an extreme example of V II madness, such episode could never be even conceived if the Catholic culture in Brazil had been preserved in a halway acceptable manner.

This is very bad. This is a very bad priest wanting to act an even worse Tony Manero.


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