Opposition To “Contraception Mandate” Before Congress Again

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Astonishingly, the Catholic News Service seems to not allow one to tweet their articles, and I wonder whether their offices are lit with candles. But perhaps it’s my mistake.

Be it as it may, they report here the chairman of the US Bishop’s Ad Hoc Committee on Religious Liberty went again in front of the Congress, and did not mince words. In an electoral year, this might not have pleased all the presents.

Some highlights:

Bishop Lori said the mandate “has suddenly turned the world upside down” by making commonly understood words mean something entirely different.

“Listening to the public discourse about the mandate, it is easy to get the impression that the Catholic bishops were somehow on the cusp of prohibiting the use of contraceptives nationwide,” he said. “Only in our new world-turned-upside-down does freedom require the denial of freedom; only in the post-mandate world is access to contraceptives somehow prohibited unless government begins forcing religious people and groups to fund and facilitate it.”

He questioned why the Obama administration “will brook no dissent” on including contraceptives, sterilization and some abortion-causing drugs in health plans, while remaining “essentially indifferent” regarding other essential health benefits such as prescription drugs and hospitalization coverage, leaving those decisions to the states.

Other representatives of religious organisations have intervened, and it is interesting to notice that opposition to the mandate is not exclusive to Catholics, nor even to Christians.

I still can’t imagine this was a smart move for the Obama administration. This will hurt them badly unless the US bishops start to relent, and frankly at this point I can’t see how they could, or why they should.

Methinks, Obama’s summer will be rather chilly.


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  1. An idea here and there , Mark steyn, Fr longenecker, inter alia, is a pessimistic idea that this is, or has become, deliberate and given enough sheeplike citizens and the lamestream media in their pockets , an election-winner.
    Which is just as important to the rest of the world if they continue as up till now- or worse
    A simple lie hammered home :Catholics = republicans = repression-theyll get into your bedroom= troglodites.
    Godsend incorrect, but it’s been done before.

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