Plenary Indulgence On Fridays of Lent

Read on Rorate Caeli about this beautiful Lenten indulgence.

I point out that:

1) the “usual conditions” apply: communion, confession. It is generally believed (unless I am mistaken) that a leeway of a reasonable number of days for the confession is acceptable. Therefore, you might go to Mass tomorrow and to confession on Saturday or, if you can’t make it, the following one. During Lent you will notice the possibility of confession might be increased in many churches.
2) I am sceptical about this “easy plenary indulgence” thing, which I suspect is rather a fruit of modern times. I always remember what St Philip Neri had to say on the matter, because I really can’t see myself doing anything wrong if I do. I will reblog the relevant post.
I suggest everyone who can gives it a try. Even if we do not get th eplenary indulgence, the day we die these little efforts might do all the difference.

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