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From the (protestant) blog Wisdom for Life, an interesting contribution about the strategy used by sodomites to try to get acceptance for their perversion.

I copy and paste the seven points in their entirety,

1. Using the language of civil rights: For several decades we’ve heard increased association of gay rights with battles for racial and gender equality. A desire for homosexual sex (we’re told) is an inborn condition, not a choice. Although a false comparison, the aim is to view gays and lesbians as we would people of different race. If successful, those who oppose gay marriage will be viewed as racists.

2. Using accusations of hate and irrational fear: The goal has been to convince the public that opponents of gay marriage are bigoted hate-mongers with irrational phobias. They are homophobic and full of venomous prejudice — not just people who choose to see things differently. They are…

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  1. The word ‘gay’ when it is used in referance to sodomy, has nothing to do with being happy. According to any good dictionary, gay is also used to mean wanton, dissaipated, or licentious sexual behaviour. See also for a good discussion of the use of gay as a word to describe loose sexal behaviour.

    • Stephen,
      I think most people would object with the use of “gay” in connection with sodomy in the first place.
      Language is obviously a changing instrument, but there can be no doubt the word “gay” to say “sodomite” or at least “homosexual” has been introduced and diffused to play down the objective sinfulness of the matter.


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