“Vincentnichols.blogspot.com”: The Video Evidence

Giotto - Judas' Kiss - Detail


Many months ago I linked to a beautiful site, a private (and anonymous) blog in which the shameless betrayal of basic Christianity by our walking (and talking) scandal, Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols, was exposed. The site contained videos, excerpts from interviews and links to external sources.

Some months ago, I noticed the site had been taken down and – as it is natural – suspected some intervention from the Archdiocese, possibly linked to the fact the blog had the rather cheeky name “vincentnichols.blogspot.com” though the site is clearly meant to expose him. I decided to leave the link in its place, firstly because I hoped the site might be restored and secondly to allow those who wanted to link to make their own conjectures as to why the site had been taken down.

I am gladly to report I have clicked again and the site is now alive and kicking.

There are, as you will notice if you had clicked the old site, some changes. The site abstains from any open accusation against the Archbishop and, basically, allows the man to do all the work himself. There are no external links of interview excerpt now, and everything is in video and from the voice of our Quisling himself. The entire layout is very sober, and devastating in the efficacy of the accusation.

This site is – though certainly not complete, and actually only dealing with (homo)sexual matters – a live monument of the huge disgrace Archbishop Nichols is for the Church and the danger he represents for the soul of English and Welsh Catholics, of whom he is the nominal local supremo.

If you ask me, you should link to this if you are an English or Welsh blogger – and actually, even if you aren’t – in order to help to spread the lie that is Vincent Nichols.

Enjoy the site and, if you can, say a Hail Mary or three for this intelligent, anonymous blogger saying it as it is, and putting in front of everyone the opprobrium of having such a disgraceful man as the head of E & W Catholics.




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  1. No one who has even a cursory knowledge of ‘the thoughts of Vincent Nichols’ could be shocked by any of this.

  2. Your posts on Abp Nichols are always very amusing Mundabor. To be honest I had great hopes for him when he was appointed, partly because of Thompson’s blogs lauding him. But he seems a disaster. Hmmm…him and Abp Martin are two peas in a pod.

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