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If you wonder why the Pope is not obeyed and nothing happens to those who disobey to him, look no further than here, where the always excellent Rorate Caeli has some rather bad news for you.

It so happens that the “liturgy” of the Neocatechumenal Way is now – as it appears very probable – going to be approved by the Holy Father. This, after the Holy Father himself had ordered them to drop some of their most shocking peculiarities, his instructions being, as so often, largely ignored without any serious consequence.

The brutal truth of the matter is the Pope isn’t obeyed because he doesn’t show much interest in his will being respected, and even tends to reward disobedience after a while. It is as if he had decided that to talk is enough, the acting being something that can be safely postponed and left to his successors.

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  1. Why isn’t the Pope obeyed? Simple, he won’t kick ass, he wants to be ‘loved’, whatever that means!?

    • “Ho won’t kick ass”

      I liked that! 😉


      (Fully agree, of course. The mother who spoils her children harms them, and she is not a good mother).

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