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Sensitive Souls Click Away Now…..

Preventable Disease

…. all the others, please go here and enjoy this pearl of the humour of the well-known firm Archbold & Archbold.

I must say, once you get into the “logic” the reasoning is rather flawless.


Eight Years To State The Obvious

A Dormouse.

In an astonishing piece of news, the Catholic News Agency informs us the Vatican has decided theology must……. conform to the Scripture.

Not only that. It would appear it is now required from theologians – in theory, at least – that they communicate the one message of Christ to the world.

Astonishing. Unprecedented. One wonders at the depths of the minds involved in such seminal work.

But wait, this is not all. It appears the paper has been in the workings since 2004. Eight years ago. Less time was necessary for the Church to start Vatican II and plunge Catholicism in one of its most serious crises, than it has been necessary to tell us that theologians are supposed to be…. theologians.

I sometimes wonder how can it be that heresy goes along undisturbed, countless “progressive” priests and religious sister ravage the Catholic message, and disgraceful bishops abuse their power to become the lackeys of the power, and the darlings of the heathen.

Now everything is clear.

Mala tempora currunt.


The Pitfalls of Growth

Increasingly more. Increasingly more superficial?

Read here on the Catholic News Agency how, apparently, Catholicism continues to grow. Apart from some mistake that must have found its way in the numbers (I doubt the number of priests increased one fifth in one year; I also doubt there are only 5000 bishops if we count the auxiliary bishops, perhaps here it was meant 5000 dioceses) I think the number call for some reflection.

1) I am not the one to refrain from good old Catholic triumphalism. Still, I wonder what values these numbers have when at least in my corner of the planet an increasing number of Catholics can be defined not only Catholic, but Christian by hearsay on a day when we feel really good. I do hope in other continents (like Africa or Asia) the situation is different, but as I speak the Church in the US is trying to convey to the Catholic masses the concept that contraception is bad, and not allowed. Go figure.

2) Once again, the growth of the Church through these difficult times – made more difficult by a general mediocrity of the church hierarchy and great part of the clergy, at least in the West – shows the astonishing power of attraction the Church still commands. It is nothing less than astonishing (nay, it is Divine) even after so many decades of maladministration the shop continues to attract so much attention that even his enemies are utterly captivated by Her power and glory. Putting it in modern terms, the brand is as attractive than ever; more so perhaps today, when many people feel the need for honest fare. But the management is so incompetent it almost manages not to profit from it.

No ground for triumphalism, then. But still, we know it: non praevalebunt. Whenever I feel my adrenaline level rising, I trying to calm myself with this one.


Atheist Billboard Backfires

No, really, this is truly stupid..

Oh, the irony!

You want to put a billboard condemning the “year of the Bible” (nice initiative, though it smells a bit of sola scriptura)  and you fall into the pit of political correctness!

You silly atheists, didn’t you know whenever you touch the issue of slavery without being Black you expose yourselves to the accusation of racism? You might, in fact, being attacked even if you are Black yourselves, if you find Whites eager enough to show how zealous they are!

And yes, I tried to understand the message. And no, there wasn’t any! Only a colossal ignorance of history, coupled with an arrogance of the same dimensions, can make someone believe he can have some “atheist” impact with this kind of exercise.

La mamma del cretino e’ sempre incinta. The mother of the cretin is always pregnant.

As a reparation, I will delve in my “kindle” Bible this morning. You never know, I might find some useful hints as to how deal with the minus habens.


Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

If I were Anglican, this would be worth a really good bottle.

It would appear that Rowan Williams has decided to take himself out of the embarrassing situation he had put himself in by doing what the likes of him – people unable to decide, incapable of taking a stance and constitutionally inept at leading – generally end up doing: hook it.

In future he will bore university students, we are told, and whilst I can’t envy them, I would suggest that in their tribulations they reflect that through their sacrifice a great embarrassment for Christianity has been taken away from a position of I do not say importance, but public relevance.

Like his predecessors, Rowan Williams has ceaselessly worked at making himself and his mickey-mouse church utterly and completely irrelevant. His intervention in favour of Sharia-law will be remembered as the Jimmy-Carter-moment of British Anglicanism, the point of deepest…

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