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How Atheism Damages The Economy

Beware of strange religions

It has been often observed – famously, by G K Chesterton – that when people stop believing in God, they start believing in pretty much everything else.

The fact is, on the one hand man has a need for belonging to some sort of faith (from the football club, to the political affiliation); on the other hand, a non indifferent part of the human race has an irrepressible desire to: a) feel that they are “good” and b) let you know it.

Again, as in Italian this is particularly obvious to me, because in Anglo-Saxon countries you see things whose existence you would not easily justify in Italy.

The invasion of vegetarians is an example. In country when people believe in God, they know animals are there to give us nourishment, and no one has a problem with a cow landing on his plate at dinner. Until 20 years ago, the infrastructure for vegetarians did not even exist, and those of that “faith” (foreigners, of course) not only had huge problems in following their creed, but were invariably followed by the mockery of the Italians: nice people, but people full of common sense, and not really into the “sensitive” thing.

It got worse of course, and now you have “vegans”, and even “fruitarians”, and who knows how many other varieties. I wonder whether they think they are better than Jesus? Still, I wouldn’t say vegetarianism damages the economy, and what they do not spend at the butcher they will probably spend in other activities like, say, clothes from stress-free sheep and the like.

Then there are the animal welfare nutcases, another category simply non-existent where people believe in God. These can reach such level of fanaticism to wage personal wars of terror against scientists involved in medical research involving animals, to the point that the attractiveness of such locations and careers was seriously ut into question, which was the stated aim of the animal nazis. As a result, the destruction of valuable know-how and a great damage to the UK as a location for medical research was before us, before Government and justice finally opened their eyes and started to seriously deal with their terrorism.

But then there is another category of “faithful” which is even more dangerous: the environmentalists. The latter are ready to believe that the world is going to the dogs the day after tomorrow, and that this is because of all those who have all they can’t afford. As a result, they proceed to the strangulation of the economy which produces the wealth they are so painfully excluded from (make no mistake: the dominant sin of the environmentalist is most often envy) and at the same time put themselves on the pedestal as the examples everyone should follow. A bit like the “occupy” people; but washed, and without the rapists.

These people seriously damage the economy, pressing for the political power to put burdens on the economy to try to reach elusive, fully unrealistic and, most of all, cretinous target of co2 emissions. Only look at the damage made in places like California, where a spate of environ-mentalist legislation has caused a great exodus of manufacturing industry, certainly not a problem for people thinking you can leave of biological chocolate cake production but a problem for all those with a brain in their heads.

The same we have seen, in a not less dramatic way, in the UK. Record taxation on fuel (justified with the necessity to “save the planet”) which is now seriously damaging small entrepreneurs, increasing taxation on flights (always to save the planet) and even the absolutely mad attempt of the former mayor of London, “Jim Beam” Livingstone, to tax 20% of the car park £25 pounds a day with the excuse of the “Chelsea tractors” suddenly killing the planet all show what happens when people stop believing in God and starts believing in the next madness which lets them feel oh so good, or less of a failure. In the end all these “isms” (vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal welfare activism) can be traced to the same root, a lack of faith in God which creates the need for new religions.

One day, of course, people slowly begin to wake up and decide they will not be the hostage of a minority of idiots, happily used by the government to increase taxation without too much opposition.Beautiful, but the damage is already done, and the idiots are already thinking what problems they can make next.

Contrast this with Italy: compared with the UK, to all intents and purposes no vegetarians, no vegans, no fruitarians, no environmentalists, no animalism nutcases, no vocal homonazis and feminazis. Just normal people, really. People who will not hesitate to tell one he has a screw loose, and will laugh at the accusation of being “insensitive”. Of Course Italians aren’t perfect (no, not even I 😉 ) and I could talk with you very long about the structural issue in the Italian way off thinking. But this kind of fanaticism is, at least, blessedly absent.

This is because o the whole, Italy still is a solidly Christian country, not much appreciative of alternative religions.

Unless it is to have a laugh.



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