Official: No Agreement Between SSPX And Vatican

Um, maybe not.


The news here

A shame.

Alas, I think in order to see the SSPX in full communion we will have to wait the death of the VII generation.

I am glad the SSPX decided not to compromise. Whilst we will possibly never know the details as the famous preambolo dottrinale‘s text was never published, I think most will agree the public comments and interpretations given by the SSPX clearly indicated the SSPX was required to either officially accept V II with all its baggage of mistakes and wrong formulations, or at the very least  accept to be institutionalised and lose its function of whistle-blower about the still too many bad influences within the Church.

The Vatican has asked Fellay to clarify his clarification, which would indicate the door is not officially closed. But at this point I do not see how what could not be cleared in years of discussions could be cleared with the next round of letters exchange.

My conclusion is that the Vatican is still dealing with the V II toxins and at this point it will take time, and at least a new pontificate, to heal the wounds. A pity, but it is what it is.

The great consolation in all this is that the SSPX was, in a way, tempted with an easy exit and chose not to yield to the lure of  a “reconciliation” that would have gone against the spirit of his founder, and would have betrayed th every reason why it exists. If you don’t believe Williamson in this, I am sure you’ll believe Fellay.

We will, no doubt, read in the next days the position of the SSPX and many other comments.

At the risk of appearing sugary, I’d say prayers for all parties involved are in order.


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