“We are all Catholics now”

"We are all Catholics now": Glenn Beck

Courtesy of the tireless Father Z, I echo his video of Glenn Beck, and would like to add some comments of mine.

First of all, take him with five or six pinches of salt, as you should every time an apostate (though, I assume, with the extenuating circumstance of a ridiculously bad instruction) talks about Catholicism. Much of the talk is, as you will see, rather superficial.

What makes the speech interesting, is the clearly acquired consciousness Catholicism is – in the US at least – rapidly becoming the rallying point of Conservatives of all denominations (and of no Christian denomination, like the Mormon Beck).

“We are all Catholics now” is the clear rallying cry here (though in the end he waters it down, to please the masses). It is followed by a passionate appeal not only to strengthen but (beautifully) to challenge one’s own priest or rabbi or pastor. Crucially, he sees this will cause divisions and contrasts, and asks everyone to take sides.

I think Glenn Beck is not the creator, but a symptom of a movement that is getting more and more momentum: as the Church puts Herself at the head of this movement, the other denominations naturally rally around her like the chicken around the hen, or like the torpedo boats around the aircraft carrier. As a result, the torpedo boats not only enjoy the protection afforded by the air shield, but at the same time protect the aircraft carrier and make it more dangerous. My impression is that here a rather impressive flotilla is rallying, and this flotilla will get down on Washington with devastating force.

Add, please, to the HHS Mandate effect the wonderful run Santorum is having and you will see that never in recent history Catholicism was so closely identified with social conservatism, with a call to the return to a clean thinking that has been lost – alas, even within the Church – for too long.

As the Church acquires a more marked socially conservative profile, more and more conservative pundits will be, I think, attracted to her. Look at Gingrich, wearing Catholicism like a good suit, and I can’t imagine anyone can say his clear conservative profile was damaged by his conversion, or is at odds with it.

“We are all Catholics now” is a rallying cry that will serve to mobilise people today, and – by the grace of God – convert the one or the other  tomorrow.

Be it as it may, the Catholic Church in the US is very much in the spotlight, and for all the right reasons.


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