When Catholicism Goes Wrong

Soon in a church near you.

Those among you who read me with a certainly regularity will know that I am not exactly a friend of Communism. If you ask me about Cuba, I’ll tell you things you probably don’t want to hear. If you ask me about the Castro brothers, I will tell you things no lady should ever hear.

With all this, I find it utterly despicable that some Cubans would play “Occupy” at the expense of sacred buildings, with a Tabernacle inside them.

This happened in Cuba in the last days, and in various degrees in more than one location. You can read the details here. The Holy Father is visiting in September, but no political grievance – no matter how justified – can be taken as an excuse for not only disrupting church life, but taking sacred buildings as hostages of one’s own grievances.

Truly, it seems that the mentality of modern times – that as long as I have some grievance I can feel authorised to do whatever I please – is not halting even in front of the altar.

For shame!


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  1. Maybe the Castro’s will have enough respect (because of the Pope’s upcoming visit) to see to it that these idiots ‘occupy’ a jail cell!

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