Cameron’s Government Is The Enemy Of Christians

The British Government's Enemy

The Government plans to oppose the case, presented by two British Christians, in which they demand the right to wear a Cross at work.

This is, says the Telegraph, the first time the Government is forced to say where it stands on the matter.Not, mind, out of its own initiative, but because the relevant documents were leaked to the Sunday Telegraph.

Note that the angry reaction came from the former so-called Archbishop of Canterbury, Carey. and from others among his colleagues, whilst prominent Muslims (Rowan Williams) and heathens (Vincent Nichols) do not seem, at least to my knowledge, equally vocal.

This is, though, the last example of how Cameron’s Government actively wages war against Christians.

And this moron should call himself, and be called, a Conservative?

What a joke.


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  1. We got Obama, you got Cameron. Both our governments are working against our Christian traditions. How long are the British and American Christians going to be passive about this until they say “Enough is enough!”

    • The problem is, Obama is – being a Democrat – supposed to be wrong. But Cameron is supposed to be a Conservative!

      What we are living here is the same as if, say, Romeny became President and became to do such things.


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