Italian Football And The Sign Of The Cross

Juventus-Fiorentina, Italian Serie A. They are playing as I write.

Juventus scores a goal. After a couple of minutes, the TV (Italian sender, of course) shows a replay of the Juventus manager, Conte, making the sign of the cross.

Italians appreciate these things. By all advance of secularism, it’s in the blood of the country.

Two short considerations:

1) Would the BBC have picked this beautiful moment and showed it in replay? Thought not…

2) Would this be allowed on a British football ground? If yes, for how long? In the end, Cameron government’s would tell you it is not obligatory for a Christian to make the sign of the cross when his team scores a goal. Therefore, it shouldn’t be allowed in the work place, right?

Food for thought, I think…


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  1. “Would this be allowed on a British football ground? If yes, for how long? ”

    Seems not:

    (In no other country but Britain would such lunacy happen, not even in most Islamic states)

  2. Coming to think of it, when Ribery started to play for Bayern (i am not a Bayern fan!) German TV would extensively (maybe 10 – 15 seconds) show him making an Islamic prayer prior to the game. Ribery is French who converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim woman (of North African descent). German TV is also showing players making the sign of the cross after scoring goals or when a player is subsituted on (usually players from South America or Miroslav Klose for that matter). However, since making the sign of the cross takes such a short time it would not make sense to cut it out. But why would they show Ribery for an extensive time to make an Islamic prayer? To keep the religious harmony / proportion? To give an “exotic” spice to the TV report? To show how liberal society and TV reporting is? Or maybe they had a Turkish cutter? It beats me.

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