SSPX-Vatican: Catocon Speaks

A good simile for Vatican II

On the Vatican-SSPX matters, I have received a long message from Catocon, he of Hocestenim (excellent blog but, unfortunately for many of you, in German).

I sometimes delete such long messages without warning, and tend to dislike them.

Not this time.

This message is so profound, and so beautiful, that I publish it here in its entirety, with many thanks to his author:

the more loyal and loving a son, the more fiercely he will protect his Mother. Those who see their Mother weakening and do nothing but talk cheaply about hermeneutics and textual criticism of some fallible council for fear of being accused of “disobedience” do not love their Mother; they love their reputations. That is the difference between many “conservatives” in “full communion” and the FSSPX.
Yes, the Fraternity is disobedient. They won’t throw away the medicine capable of healing their Mother, even if their Mother orders them to. Therefore, there will be no deal until the Church clearly acknowledges that Her body is infested by the disease of modernism and starts expelling those responsible for it instead of obstructing those trying to fight it.

One last point: The more I think about it, the more I come to believe that this has never been, at its deepest point, a question of doctrine. You can, if you wish, twist the words of the Council until the end of time, and come up with some interpretation that fits Tradition. In exactly the same way, you can do the opposite and twist those words until they become the foundation for a new Modern Church complete with a New Faith and a New Mass. But whatever the officially taught doctrines may be, the real point is, this is not about the doctrine itself, it is about the practical fruits. If the Church were flourishing, if young people were learning the New Catechism by heart, if they were defending the teachings of this Catechism with their blood and their lives, if they were filling the seminaries, if those teachings of the Council and its Magisterium were earnestly defended, if the liturgy was celebrated according to the books and with utmost care and faithfulness to the letter and spirit of the Mass, if they were striving to become saints by living a life of prayer, penance, sacrifice, if all these things were happening, no one would be talking about some inconsistencies or problems in some of the conciliar texts. We would, of course, interpret them according to traditional Magisterium, and one or two professional theologians would be discussing them furiously, but they would pose absolutely no problem. And the FSSPX would fully accept them, as even Archbishop Lefèbvre signed them in 1965, as maybe imperfect, but fully legitimate expressions of Catholicism, and reconciliation would proceed apace. But we can see the fruit of the Council, we see an enormous apostasy among clerics and laymen alike, a vast desert of agnosticism and apathy, empty seminaries, churches and confessionals, beautiful altars vandalized like false idols of a hated heathen religion, almost as if the reformers had perceived them to be such, and when we see these fruits, we know something about the tree that produced them. We know that there is something seriously wrong with this tree. That this cannot be the real tree of the Catholic Faith. And from this knowledge we can deduce that the Council, having produced these rotten fruits, cannot have been a good thing, and that its questionable teachings were in fact novelties, even poisonous novelties, and not just some unfortunate way of expressing the Faith.
We shall know them by their fruits, because words are very flexible, but works are not. They have a crystalline clarity that cannot be obfuscated. We see the rupture of the Council in every average church we attend, hear it in every sermon, smell it in most liturgies, experience it in the divorce courts and abortion mills overflowing with Catholics, and can never believe in “continuity”, even if a proper hermeneutic can be found by theological study, because the fruits tell us a different story. Unless the fruits change, there can be no acceptance for the work that produced them, and therefore no agreement. If the fruits really change, the proper interpretation of problematic passages will follow as sure as night follows day, and the Fraternity will be in full communion before you can even pronounce the words.

Nothing to add and, as the Germans say, Hut ab!


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  1. If they can be given assurances, I don’t see why they would not want to help their Mother in person, rather than from what is now more like a long distance phone call. You can effect a lot more good from within the Church than from the ambiguous canonical state they have been sitting in.

    • I doubt that, Irenaeus.

      Firstly, it is not that they have the choice (the SSPX was once in full communion for may years) and whenever the full reconciliation happens, it will be at the Vatican’s conditions.

      Secondly, I doubt – particularly after the recent experiences – they would be able to freely “effect” once they are “in” again.

      If I compare the SSPX (half-out) ad the FSSP (in) it seems to me the first makes a much more effective work of protecting Catholicism from V II drunkenness, whilst – at least from what I can see – the FSSP is much more subdued; or, you might say, effectively silenced. As I see it, being allowed to have one’s own Latin Mass without being allowed to thunder against the pollution of nuChurch (yes; even in the Vatican; massively so in the Vatican; we have proof of this every day; with a pope like Pius XI Vincent Nichols wouldn’t even be allowed to be bell-ringer) is certainly not enough, and I am glad the SSPX seems to see it – provided this was the main obstacle, or one of the obstacles – in the same way.

      A mother asking a son to get full reconciliation at the price of the son not telling her she drinks too much is not offering full reconciliation, but full complicity. And if the mother accuses the son of being disobedient and wanting to know what is right better than his mother, so be it.

      I think at the SSPX they are aware of this, and they will only accept a solution which allows them to fight for properly intended and practiced Catholicism. It’s not that they want to stay half-out. It is, I think, that the admittance ticket either does not get offered, or gets offered at too big a price.

      Just my two cents of course.


  2. Mundabor,
    I hope it happens for their sake, and for the good of the Church.

    • Yes, I agree.

      But honestly, I have lost hope anything substantial will happen during this pontificate. Glad to be proven wrong, of course… 😉


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