How The Left Is Aborting Itself

Basically, he aborted his candidature...



Interesting article from Instapundit.

It points out to the fact that in the same way as abortionists tend to, well, abort, environmentalist with their fanatical fear for the Earth tend to make fewer children too (egotism, of course; the eternal adolescence typical of the breed; the desire to be an anorak forever).

Meanwhile, conservative Catholics  (and conservatives, in general)  reproduce like it’s going out of fashion. Give it one or two generations, and the results will not be late in showing up.

I liked very much the reference that Gore in 2000 (not 2004, of course; in 2004 Bush run against Kerry) lost because of the children aborted in Florida. Tragic for the murdered children of course, but ruthlessly true; apart for the fact of course that if the Florida democrats had been less abortionists in some measure, they would have been, unavoidably, less Democratic in pretty much the same measure.

Incidentally, this reminds me of the pacifist nutcases in the Eighties’ Italy, seriously (or so it might seem) telling you that it didn’t make sense to make children in a world destined to be destroyed in a nuclear catastrophe. Whereas, apart from the obvious madness of the argument, no one ever explained to me why it would be better not to be born than to be born and die in a nuclear war.

One was reminded of the vegetarian’s mantra: I love cows so much, that I don’t want them to be born.

And in fact, the clear resurgence of pro-lifers in the United States – particularly evident in the new generations – might be the result of the refusal of the abortionists to generate little abortionists, preferring to murder them instead.

As the author of the article very funnily observes,

Childlessness is inherited. If your parents don’t have kids, you won’t either.


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  1. Equation leaves out the followers of a gentlemen of nonhebraic semitic persuasion some 14 centuries back.

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