Journey Into The Mind Of A Cave-In Catholic

The end of the Cave-in Catholic. Brilliant!

The cave-in Catholic is, like the Republican In Name Only, a fake. A six pound note. The fifth column.

The cave-in Catholic wants you not to be Catholic – much less fight for Catholic values – whilst trying not to appear a coward; in the  most hopeless cases, he even tries to look smart.

The cave-in Catholic loves playing armchair general, only he can’t be a general even from the armchair. To him, not to fight is smart. He’ll lose the battle all right, but he’ll try to persuade you it was very smart not to fight it, because this way he has, whilst losing, avoided defeat.

The cave-in Catholic cares for pretty much everything under the sun, except Catholicism. This is a lost battle, he will say. Not good for the cause. Let’s fight only the battles we know we’ll going to win, it’s so much smarter.The polls say we can’t win. The BBC is against us. If we lose, we’ll be sent back into the catacombs in no time, so we had better… lose.  We shouldn’t fight, because if we fight our enemies will rejoice at their victory, whilst if we don’t fight they will merely rejoice that they have won without even having to fight. How smart is that…

The cave-in Catholic has, more often than not, some serious problem. He doesn’t believe in God, hence his problem with fighting a battle he sees as lost. Or he is dissenting in some way of his, and therefore fears the calls to orthodoxy unavoidably linked to the hardening of the religious climate. Or he is, say, a sodomite, and there are some battles he would like to, erm, not see fought at all. I suspect of the latter there is, both with and without clerical garb, more than you think.

You recognise the cave-in Catholic even before he tells you how smart it is to be a coward. He will be, at all times, politically correct. He will use the word “gay”, perhaps because he isn’t exactly exempt from that kind of “feeling” himself. He’ll sprinkle with “women’s right”, and will say “pro-choice” because “abortionist” is “divisive”. He will never call to battle. He will hide behind the finger always used in this occasion: not the right time, not the right place, not the right weather, not the right battle, not the right moon phase. not the right media support. The main thing is not to expose himself as a coward, or worse.

The cave-in Catholic is everywhere. He can be a nun, a priest, a professor in a Catholic university, or a soi-disant Catholic journalist. Very often, he is a bishop or archbishop. In some countries, it would seem this is a strict requirement to become the latter.

The cave-in Catholic knows every time he talks of cunningly surrendering he’ll find people ready to believe him, or even to think him smart. What a brilliant strategy, to lose without fighting. A bit like the boy bullied at school and trying to persuade you he is pursuing a brilliant long-term strategy based on the tactic of submission.

The cave-in Catholic is, at any one time,  just one click away.

Do the right thing, and click him away.


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