“Cristiada” Is Now “For Greater Glory”

This is the film previously known under the working title of “Cristiada”.

As previously reported, this is another take of Andy Garcia (a great man if you ask me, and as cool as ever on the silver screen) at conservative social values after the beautiful “The Lost City”.

Happily for Garcia, the movie will start on the first of June, probably when the discussion about religious freedom in the months leading to the 2012 Presidential election has reached its highest point. Those who have a brain to think will easily make the comparison between Mexico then and the US (or Europe, in a more subtle way) now.

Garcia is a man who doesn’t hesitate in putting his money where his mouth is, as “The Lost City” abundantly (and beautifully) proves. I disagree with “The Lost City’s” Ines Sastre being substituted for Eva Longoria but alas, nobody is perfect….

What is certain, is that this movie promises to be the most shameless witness of Christian thinking (and fighting) after “the Passion of the Christ”.

I wish the film the same success, but it is a reflection of the times we live in I cannot tell you I am sure this film will gain access to the big channels of film distribution in Europe. The film might – and it will easily – be considered too “divisive” and not enough “nuanced”  for countries where even the Catholic hierarchy is all too often more or less openly heretic.


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  1. iohannesartifex

    It’s interesting though – the ‘religious freedom’ thing is being pushed here a lot, in the secondary media at least.

    There was an excellent article in the Remnant a month or so ago about the liberty of the Church versus liberty of religion. That seems to be the crucial difference.

  2. It’s good that we’re seeing conservative social values promoted by Andy Garcia here, cuz we we didn’t see much of that in the movie, ‘Swing Vote’ (review here: http://www.mrc.org/node/3713.)

    I was shocked and deeply disappointed to discover that Garcia had taken such a role.

    Glad to hear he’s back on the right track in this movie, M.

  3. If the trailer is anything to go by this film will be dynamite! 🙂

    • Trof4st,
      could it be his participation in “Swing Vote” might have been what let garcia start to think and persuaded him to do something for Christianity?

      Beautiful as it was, “The Lost City” was principally an anti-communist film, motivated by the personal story of Garcia – a family of Cuban refugees – . This here seems rather stronger Catholic stuff. Both have been co-produced by him.


  4. “This here seems rather stronger Catholic stuff.”

    For that he should be praised indeed.

    I always liked him too, M.

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