In Case You Wonder Why The SSPX Has Misgivings…

…. just look here.

Put the children to bed first.

By-the-bye, this is scheduled to happen again this year.

St. Micheal the Archangel, defend us in battle!


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  1. If ever there was a time for a Samson figure to push the pillars apart. When I clicked the stop button, the video would just keep playing. A small metaphor for how things really are. I thought Gomez was going to fix that archdiocese, but it looks like he was made of weaker stuff than I thought.

    • I think Gomez is another who likes the least resistance, and trying to make everyone happy, no matter how wrong…

      An appointment to Los Angeles not of Bishop Fellay, but of Pope Benedict.


  2. Let’s wait. Station 78th of their modern Way of Cross will be: Lord Jesus consoles burning heretics at the stack.

  3. Aaargh! I couldn’t continue after the first five minutes.

    “Ministers of Movement”? Really?

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry . . .

    • Righteous indignation might be a good third way, Mimi… 😉

      It’s happening again, though.

      O if the Holy Father would spend his time in correcting these horrors rather than flying around…


  4. I think it’s hilarious* how poor the dancing is. Teatro alla Scala this is not.

    *As hilarious as a profaned celebration of the Mass can be, anyway.

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