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Another excellent blog post from the “man with no uncertain trumpet”, Monsignor Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington.

This time, Monsignor Pope’s attention is focused on the image of Jesus that was smuggled around in the Seventies, and that still influences the Sixty-Eighters and other pot-smokers today. In those years – and whilst I was a child, I got my share of those years – Jesus was generally portrayed as a kind of a whimp, a girly boy unable to exert or project any form of manliness, a mixture of hare “krishna” follower and Gandhi with, later, the addition of a dollop of Nelson Mandela. Victimised, but as meek as a sheep; bullied, but always answering with a smile, and unable to threat or harm, this is the Jesus we had brought to us as an example. “Peeaace” and “luuuuv” were everywhere, and not a whip in sight.


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  1. The Truth and truths reflected well reflected in Humanae Vitae , which contained nothing new, it cannot be repeated enough, have always been evident should one not choose to disbelieve in natural law and the church’s magisterium.
    Even before Vat II and “Ther tchANDGE is” I well remember – all too well – how good practicing orthodox catholic wives and mothers untouched by modernism, feminaziism, etc, were capable of- for a male- absolutely stomach wrenching ideas about say, Jesus as a boy. (a sidelight : Some of the portraits of Saint Tartesos and similar on Devotional cards would lead one to think that the war on boys began about 1850 – I appreciate that it’s extraordinarily hard for an artist to portray sanctity, whereas there has , as I say, always been a market for Holy pictures a bit reminiscent of spaniels and castrati. ) WHilst the gospel remained the gospel, the lives of the saints stirringly heroic,and the altar a male preserve, probably this didn’t matter – and certainly wider society WAS overly male orientated ( to which the remedy is more christianity, not less nor bothe less and feminazified)

  2. Scuse me – I left half of this already but unfinished –
    Burden: Contraceptive mentality in society, SO disturbs distorts concepts, role models ,everything of manhhood and womanhood , so that ,being IN the world , spread to church inevitable to some degree, but not to the degree of wholehearted embrace of modernism that actually happened – we were forgetting that we were not OF the world – and as before, for the contraceptive mentality to infect Catholics, they didn’t actually have to be contracepting and aborting themselves!
    All that would be enough to explain your post – yet there may be even more I can well believe that this EVEN reached chemical and hormanal levels – there is some rearch being reported that women on the pill find wimpish womanish unhairy men physically less attractive! hence men react to what women prefer, hence the picture of the ideal man is like wise twisted!
    I would’t like to be too sure without seeing some of how this research was done – even then ,if rigourous, just how much of what oestragenabusing sluts, wimps, dishrags, perverts and,excuse me, wankers, report about themselves, or even have objectively researched about their bodily parameters and suchlike,should any normal-living christian married couple take as human normative?
    Has anyone found any other substance however natural- cocaine, marijuana and heroin are all natural too – whose continued use over months and years has NO side effects?
    Nonetheless, if if so, it figures.

  3. Ps errata above, pilled women finding wimps LESS attractive, read MORE !!
    Not my day as a commentor! Mea culpa!

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