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Cardinal Schoenborn Disgraces Himself Again

Cardinal Schoenborn, protector of perverts. Note the word "saint" is not there.

In the personal conversation I had with Mr. Stangl, I was impressed with his pious attitude, his humility and his firm willingness to serve. …

These are the words with which Cardinal Schoenborn commented the fact that his diocese decided to confirm the election of an homosexual, living in a registered civil partnership, in the local parish council. 

If this weren’t satanic enough, you may want to know that the diocese is very happy with the high participation to “church life” of the parishioners, whose “church life” finds expression in electing with large majority a self-confessed homosexual with institutionalised wannabe  “marriage” to show his “love” to his partner.In Schoenborn’s world, “popular participation” is the new word for “orthodoxy”.

Mark my words: don’t be surprised if one day we should discover that Cardinal Schoenborn himself is a homosexual, or a paedophile, or both. Such level of complicity with sexual perversion generally does not happen by coincidence. This here is the same level of reckless, demonic devastation of Catholic values we have seen in Belgium, and when the entire tone in the Diocese is given by the “progressive” bishop, we might discover the bishop is like this one; or that among his priests there are people like this one.

The problem with this individual is that he is bent on sabotaging everything that is Catholic, and does not care a straw for what his truly Catholic parishioners think (or for his eternal salvation, in which I think he stopped believing a long time ago; or else he is on drugs). He will do whatever it takes to be popular with the masses, both because of the money of the Kirchensteuer and because of his alleged (and easily believable) boundless vanity. Another mark of many homosexuals, by the way.

Cardinal Schoenborn makes the work of the devil day in, and day out. In the meantime, we hear about the 600,000 people who have greeted the Holy Father in Mexico, and made him an “honorary Mexican”, and I truly wonder……..

In not punishing or removing him (better both, I should say), Pope Benedict makes the same mistake of John Paul II: he trusts the wrong people, and does not listen to the voices of reasons when they are about people he likes; as a result, his papacy will be tarnished by his ill-selected friends like the papacy of his predecessor. We are all human of course; but good Lord, at some point this huge, huge scandal will have to be stopped.

Schoenborn must wish Pope Benedict a very long life. Something tells me when this Pope is gone, he’ll go down like a stone.


P.s. Don’t forget: this is the hero of the Medjugorje crowd.

Retroactive Abortion for Obamacare?

Obamacare ante litteram

At this point I generally copy and paste some of the best statements. It gives the readers a clear idea of what is happening.

But this time, why should I? The photo says it all!



Abortion: Look and Cry (Alert! Graphic Images!)


Italy, Ashes, Grand-Grandmothers

She would not have had her beloved ones cremated, bless her soul...

Good Lord, how the times change…

When I was a child, cremation was actually not contemplated by your mainstream Italian (churchgoing or not) and from what I seem to understand not allowed in principle, though I think no one really cared. As to keeping them in urns at home, this is something you saw in American movies, and cringed.

If you want to know in what confused times we live, you can read here Italian Catholics are now not allowed to scatter the ashes or to have an urn at home.

If you read the article, you will notice a rather important thing: the mention of “burying the dead” as a work of mercy is not even mentioned.

Instead, we are treated with this beautiful snippet of post-Vatican II thinking: the Church will not defend a custom honoured by the centuries, and will happily allow Catholics to import masonic/protestant ways as long as long as they don’t do it in order to show hostility to the Church or loss of faith in the Resurrection.

Now, I understand this is not a doctrinal point, but come on: how can the Church hope to reinstate Catholic sanity, if she does not insist on traditional Catholic practices?

We see, once again, the equivocal mentality of the Vatican, in which a certain push or encouragement for the embracing of Catholicism goes together with a lack of courage to walk the walk after one has talked the talk.

So we see the Pontiff, and many others, insist on the loss of religious feeling, the growing consumerism, the void left by the abandoning of a healthy religious life. It just doesn’t seem to occur them to think that Catholicism has always maintained that this religious life is nourished and made more robust by countless practices and customs which, though not obligatory in themselves taken singularly, all together constitute the backbone of the Catholic life of a country.

It is very much like V II to think that a tepidly Catholic man or woman can be recovered to a traditional Catholic thinking, if the Church does not insist in a traditional catholic acting. This intimate union of spiritual life and everyday practices has always been a great strenght of Catholicism, and your grand-grandmother would even considered a life without Vespers or Rosary as deprived of a spiritual leg, even if – undoubtedly – there can be life without a leg. And would have told you, without the shadow of a doubt and without caring of what post Vatican II priests think, that to cremate bodies is un-Catholic, period; something you do only in case of absolute emergency, like pestilence; and which you otherwise do with rubbish or, in case, dogs.

The kindest thing I can say of this initiative is that it is not good enough, and shows a rather worrying love for gradualism in the best of cases, and a disregard for Catholic traditions and for works of mercy in the worst.

In case of doubt, always think WWMCGGT (what would my Catholic grand-grandmother think). Alas, I think this is a much safer guidance to what is authentically Catholic  than many “guidelines” and “instructions” of these disgraceful times.


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