Cardinal Schoenborn Disgraces Himself Again

Cardinal Schoenborn, protector of perverts. Note the word "saint" is not there.

In the personal conversation I had with Mr. Stangl, I was impressed with his pious attitude, his humility and his firm willingness to serve. …

These are the words with which Cardinal Schoenborn commented the fact that his diocese decided to confirm the election of an homosexual, living in a registered civil partnership, in the local parish council. 

If this weren’t satanic enough, you may want to know that the diocese is very happy with the high participation to “church life” of the parishioners, whose “church life” finds expression in electing with large majority a self-confessed homosexual with institutionalised wannabe  “marriage” to show his “love” to his partner.In Schoenborn’s world, “popular participation” is the new word for “orthodoxy”.

Mark my words: don’t be surprised if one day we should discover that Cardinal Schoenborn himself is a homosexual, or a paedophile, or both. Such level of complicity with sexual perversion generally does not happen by coincidence. This here is the same level of reckless, demonic devastation of Catholic values we have seen in Belgium, and when the entire tone in the Diocese is given by the “progressive” bishop, we might discover the bishop is like this one; or that among his priests there are people like this one.

The problem with this individual is that he is bent on sabotaging everything that is Catholic, and does not care a straw for what his truly Catholic parishioners think (or for his eternal salvation, in which I think he stopped believing a long time ago; or else he is on drugs). He will do whatever it takes to be popular with the masses, both because of the money of the Kirchensteuer and because of his alleged (and easily believable) boundless vanity. Another mark of many homosexuals, by the way.

Cardinal Schoenborn makes the work of the devil day in, and day out. In the meantime, we hear about the 600,000 people who have greeted the Holy Father in Mexico, and made him an “honorary Mexican”, and I truly wonder……..

In not punishing or removing him (better both, I should say), Pope Benedict makes the same mistake of John Paul II: he trusts the wrong people, and does not listen to the voices of reasons when they are about people he likes; as a result, his papacy will be tarnished by his ill-selected friends like the papacy of his predecessor. We are all human of course; but good Lord, at some point this huge, huge scandal will have to be stopped.

Schoenborn must wish Pope Benedict a very long life. Something tells me when this Pope is gone, he’ll go down like a stone.


P.s. Don’t forget: this is the hero of the Medjugorje crowd.

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  1. God forbid he should become pope. I hope the other cardinals recognize him for what he is.

    • Irenaeus, I can’t imagine he or one like him might ever become Pope. From what I can see the cardials on the whole may not be where we are, but are a lot more conservative than any Schoenborn you care to name.

      If he becomes Pope, though, the SSPX can be assured of my membership.


  2. Mundabor, we have Nichols, Schönborn, Marx and many others of like mind. There may not be enough to elect one of them Pope, but they just need a minority in order to prevent any real improvement in the next conclave.
    I believe the most probable outcome will be another Pope like Benedict, that is, old, relatively conservative, but not energetic enough to really change things for the better. But Schönborn is clearly considered “papabile” by many. He might just become Paul VII. and call for another Council, Vatican III, in order to really modernize the Church. This is the move of the modernists. Then it is the Holy Spirit’s turn:
    The Council, of course, will be just the reverse of Vatican II. The modernists will prepare many liberal documents, and the Council will throw them out one by one and replace them with thoroughly traditional ones, insisting on loads and loads of univocally written anathemas and thundering condemnations of the spirit of the age and its errors, thereby driving Pope Paul VII. insane. Then, after the Council, traditionalists will proceed to invoke the “spirit of Vatican III” every day for forty years.;)
    But seriously, Pope Benedict will have to live for at least ten more years for any real change in the balance of power (“the biological solution”). He needs our fervent prayers.

    • Honestly, Catocon, I think Pope Benedict is just one part – albeit very moderate – of the biological problem.

      In my eyes, thinks will start to improve seriously when we have the first Post V II Pope. Someone like Burke, or Pell; though certainly the choice of a “continuation Ratzinger” might be more probable (someone like Levada or, more probably, Scola). I have read too that Schoenborn is or was considered papabile, but only from biased souces. IN real life, I think my cat has more probability of being elected.

      I liked your Vatican III thoughts, 😉 but they assume the bishops are far more conservative than the Cardinals, and I do not think this is the case…

      I think the bitter truth is Benedict tolerates Schoenborn because of personal friendship. A shame which in my eyes will end together with Benedict’s pontificate.


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