Heresy in Austria: Pope Benedict Speaks

Finally, the engine was started…..

Dear reader, I herewith admit to a grave fault; at least, grave in a blogger.

The fact is, the Austrian heretical movement (abetted, covertly if not overtly, by the disgraceful Archbishop Cardinal Schoenborn) makes my blood boil to such an extent, that I try to avoid writing about it for fear I would become too vitriolic even for this blog, or else get a stroke.

Still, I have checked every now and then and until the last weeks I have noticed nothing more than the usual, as the Italians say, “fried air”:

a) the Cardinal pretends to recall the heretics to order whilst paying attention to be perceived, in the broad public opinion, to be seen as doing so only unwillingly and only for the sake of his office. He is about the church tax money and his own popularity, you know.

b) the excuses put forward to justify this inaction are the most stupid imaginable, like the one going along  the lines that if you start fighting heresy, heresy will erupt. Asses. No wait: cowardly, heretical asses.

c)  The Vatican doesn’t express more than some subdued grumble (one invitation here; one observation there), possibly (or probably) because cardinal Schoenborn is a personal friend and protegé of the Pontiff.

There now seems to be a change at least as far as point c) is concerned. Rorate Caeli reports the following words from the Holy Father (emphases mine):

Recently a group of priests from a European country issued a summons to disobedience, and at the same time gave concrete examples of the forms this disobedience might take, even to the point of disregarding definitive decisions of the Church’s Magisterium, such as the question of women’s ordination, for which Blessed Pope John Paul II stated irrevocably that the Church has received no authority from the Lord.  Is disobedience a path of renewal for the Church? We would like to believe that the authors of this summons are motivated by concern for the Church, that they are convinced that the slow pace of institutions has to be overcome by drastic measures, in order to open up new paths and to bring the Church up to date. But is disobedience really a way to do this? Do we sense here anything of that configuration to Christ which is the precondition for all true renewal, or do we merely sense a desperate push to do something to change the Church in accordance with one’s own preferences and ideas?

There can be no doubt the country in question is Austria, and the “call to disobedience” the literal translation of their “Aufruf zum Ungehorsam”. Where does this, then, leave us? I see only three possibilities:

1) This is a last public warning for Schoenborn: either he now starts to act decisively, or the Pontiff will do it for him, and he won’t be pleased at the result.

2) This is a last public warning for the heretics: if they do not back pedal, the Pope will crush them. Schoenborn will not be touched because he is a buddy, and will continue to play the part of the modern prelate who crushes the heretics, because you got to do what you got to do.

3) The Pope spoke, but his words will not be followed by facts, and he will be content with, so to speak, paving the way for the actions of his successor. Successor who will not be Schoenboern’s buddy, so the latter will have to prepare himself for rather tough times.

We shall see what the future brings. Personally I think 3) is the most likely scenario, followed by 2), followed by 1).

What I think can be said, is that the Pope’s words represent the starting of the engines of the Big Vatican Heresy Steamroller. The  steamroller will move very slowly, but when it does it will crush everything on its path.


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