The Luther Insult Generator

Martin Luther on you: "You are the ultimate scourges of the world, the Antichrist together with your sophists and bishops".

To remind you of the tragedy of heresy in this day, and perhaps also to make you smile (I am not aware on Good Friday one is not allowed to smile; not if he is Catholic, I mean; if you want to know how it is among Presbyterians you must ask them; though nowadays they’ll probably tell you you can do pretty much everything…) I would like to introduce you to the Luther Insult generator.

You click the page and immediately, without any preamble (the man was a very direct chap) you will be insulted in the modern rendition of an authentic Luther insult. To be insulted again, you just click the “insult me again” button anew.

You can read the entire list but seriously, it truly is not fun.

Click away!


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  1. I’ve seen the LIG at another website. It’s a wonderful way to be reminded about why Protestantism morally repugnant to a sincere practising Catholic.

    • Not entirely sure, Stephen.. 😉

      One could create the “Mundabor insult generator” and I think the results might be rather entertaining, too… 😉

      In my eyes, Protestantism is repugnant because it’s wrong. Luther’s insults I found more entertaining than repugnant… 😉


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