Queen Elisabeth I and Liberal Catholics

The Bastard, Heretical, Sluttish Queen: Elisabeth I

Extremely interesting post on Linen on the Hedgerow about the striking similarity of the devastations caused by Queen Elisabeth I on one side and post V II liberal Catholics on the other.

From the stripping of altars to the mutilation of liturgy, and from the promotion of the usual suspects to the neutralisation of uncomfortable priests, the methods of post V II liberal clergymen seem to take inspiration – if, forcibly, in a less violent way – from the ones used by the sovereign the senseless hypocrisy of the time called “the virgin Queen”.

This is, indeed, an interesting but not a surprising observation,  if we but observe that in both cases the aim was to gradually protestantise the relevant organisation. The extent of the operation is easy to be seen, today, in many secondary but not irrelevant details, like the smiling priest greeting everyone after Mass as if he were the Vicar, or stoups hidden so well you congratulate yourself when you find them.

I repeat it once again: the future generations will see in V II and the years which followed a possibly unprecedented attack on everything that is Catholic, a shameful attempt of self-destruction for the sake of popularity, a planetary devastation on a scale not even the Barbarians could have put in place.

Isn’t it surprising, then, the same V II is still defended in the Vatican?


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