My List of WordPress Grievances

You can write! Great!

Let me say first I am glad WordPress allows me and people like me to blog in freedom and anonymity at zero cost. I think it is good for democracy and good for Catholicism.

Having said that, there are things of WordPress I really cannot understand, let alone stand.

I have, therefore, decided to make my own personal list of grievances. If someone who blogs with Blogger wants to add the list of his own “Blogger” grievances, perhaps I’ll see the neighbour’s garden is not really greener. Or perhaps it is?

So, let us see:

1) Some months ago they decided to have a standard typeset only people with eagle’s eyes can read. If you want to set your own typeset (and your own dimensions of said typeset) you have to pay extra. Bad. I now make extensive use of the “zoom” function of my browsers, something which alters the beauty of my site 😉 and is uncomfortable to use.

2) There is a continuous push to create new blogs. Why, I can’t really understand. Most bloggers are amateurs and if you want  a blog to succeed you have to spend a lot of time on it for a long time. This encouragement to create new blogs seems rather childish to me, and certainly leads to nothing in the long-term.

3) Talking of childish things, WordPress patronises you by setting “objectives” for you that you never set for yourself, or told them to set for you. “This is your post number 1088; next goal is 1090”. Why? Am I such a child to have to be motivated to do something I am doing of my own initiative, and in my own time? What do these people think, that we are kindergarten children in constant need of being motivated?

4) Again on the same line, the “encouragements”. “You have written so and so many posts. Great!” How do you know? The posts could be, actually, first class manure. And why should I be interested in the opinion of a computer about my blog posts anyway?

5) Everytime I visit a “Blogger” blog, I admire their elegant, rotating “blogroll” section, with the blogs listed in order of who has posted last. It is beautiful, instructive and even entertaining, and made in a pleasant visual graphic. With WordPress you can try to tweak the system to do the same, but you land with an unseemly balk (a new section of your blog) for every one, and if there’s a way to really do it properly it’s too complicated for me and, apparently, for pretty much everyone else on WordPress. It should not be so difficult to take the bets from “Blogger” and offer one’s own version to one’s own users; something easy to use and set up.

6) If you don’t write a caption under your image, the text tends to be too near the image for my liking. A minor bug perhaps, but it always bugs me 😉

7) The editor doesn’t “learn”. Foreign words and Latin words, or names of people, are caught as mistakes time and again. A waste of time it would be, I think, rather easy to correct, or perhaps I am doing something wrong myself here.

8) No choice of spelling. WordPress blogs are spread all over the planet, but they insist on everyone using American spelling. I am a stubborn guy and insist with the English one, as good as I can. Words underlined in red everywhere.

9) You can’t schedule reblogs, and they are rebogged without the tags, which you have to add manually. Reblogs are good, though.

10) The little thing with the balks at the top of the page just doesn’t make sense. “You had 120 site views per hour for the last 48 hours”. I wish.

To end on a positive note, I like the way WordPress protects freedom of expression. This blog serves rather strong fare, but after more than 1000 blog posts only once has WordPress blocked it (a genius PR man of a bishop threatened to sue because the wrong photo had been put in the page, clearly by mistake. Clearly, a petty man with nothing sensible to do and a great desire to make himself important.  As they say in Italy, “arms stolen to agriculture”). I am in no doubt WordPress are bombarded with requests from perverts and other “liberals” to block my, and many others, blog posts. Nope. By all its problems, the old U S of A are a great, great Country.


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  1. For Your Information

    SSPX actually demands that Rome should repudiate the Council and accept that the Mass of Paul VI is invalid, even Protestant.

    from William Oddie in last week’s Catholic Herald.

    • Steve,

      you and Oddie must both make your homework.

      The fact that the SSPX wants the Novus ordo to go in the bin as soon as possible (and never a day too soon; this is why they refuse to celebrate it) does not mean they consider the Novus ordo in itself devoid of sacramental validity.

      If you have followed the debate of the last months, you will have noticed that never has the SSPX posed the Vatican abandonment of the NO as a precondition for a reconciliation.

      You have the same problem of so many within the Church: you see the SSPX through your prejudices, and judge them by hearsay.

      BTW, I have answered this message out of sheer kindness, but you use your time more wisely to learn to know the SSPX than to look for arguments against them from people misinformed, or disingenuous.


  2. I agree completely with you Mundabor. I’ve also been having problems since they changed the stats thing on the dashboard. My favourite thing about wordpress is that it allows me to upload PDFs!

    • Interesting, Shane, does blogger not allow it?

      I am always very nerved of late that you get in one click from the site to the stats, but you need two clicks to go back; which my site being rather loaded with images always takes a while…..

  3. Mundabor, two thing: drives me absolutely batty. I can’t understand why what looks perfectly normal in a draft comes out looking like something by Dali or Picasso when I preview. However, this is not why I write. About a year ago or so, you posted on “Oliver & Hardy … in England” and part of the post concerned the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton, as well as that of the A/d of Westminster. I’m wondering if you know of any parishes within these Sees that the average novus ordo Catholic would consider conservative. Many thanks and may God grant you a blessed Easter. ~ Brian O’Neel

    • Many thanks for the compliments, Brian. I have reblogged the post you mention, which I think is still of actuality.

      As to “Blogger”, I am glad to see the other shop has its problems, too. I must say looking at the sites from outside one wouldn’t tell, but if the strange preview is the biggest problem I’d say blogger is far in front of WordPress.

      Can you set the font size yourself, or do you have to pay extra?

      As to the diocese of Arundel & Brighton, Father Ray Blake is in Brighton and you may want to try there.


  4. Mundabor, unfortunately not. I find wordpress generally a lot easier than I found blogger (which is more suitable if one is experienced in html etc, which I am not!)

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