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Boris’ Beastly Blunder

You should have shut your mouth, Boris...

We all knew Boris Johnson was prone to say controversial things, but generally they were controversial for the right reasons.

To refresh your memory, the man is on record with the following pearls:

“we don’t want our children being taught some rubbish about homosexual marriage being the same as normal marriage”

The expression “pulpit poofs” for homosexual clergy is also his. The most famous is probably the one that if we allow marriages between a man and a man, then why not between three men, or indeed three men and a dog.

This was, of course, before the man was brainwashed by supposed “experts” and transformed in another little slut of politics, like Cameron.  With the result that from un-PC and popular he is rapidly becoming sanitised, politically correct and increasingly criticised from those he needs more: the Conservatives.

Yesterday, Boris made a big mistake: he decided to try an improbable transformation in politically correct “Cameron Cutie” and decided to ban from the London underground a Christian adv campaign aimed at informing homosexuals (the Christians are Anglicans, therefore they call homosexuals “gay”) that there is a possibility of exit from what is a perversion rather than an “orientation”. Boris’ utterly stupid words:

“It is clearly offensive to suggest being gay is an illness someone recovers from and I am not prepared to have that suggestion driven around London on our buses.”

The man has now some explaining to do, because his utterance of yesterday is in such contrast with what he has always maintained that the accusation of being an election whore is perfectly merited.

I know, I know…. it’s election time and for some strange reason at election times everyone tries to be what he is not; in Boris’ case he might have the extenuating circumstance of being probably the politician most persecuted by PR and PC watchdogs on the planet. Still, this show of fake “sensitivity” is beyond stupid if your name is Boris Johnson and even your cat knows very well what you really think.

But this is not all: Boris ukase is not only stupid; it is profoundly illiberal and clearly discriminatory, then it turns out the Christian movement did nothing else than to mimic a pro-sodomy adv appeared some weeks ago. The poofs’ adv is allowed, the Christian one isn’t.

The Advertising Standard Authority had not seen any problem, either. Ah, but they aren’t working the sidewalks, and looking for clients before the mayoral elections….

Now Boris will be sued , and will have the pleasure of having not only his discriminatory behaviour towards Christians, but his cowardice and hypocrisy exposed in the last weeks of the campaign, severely damaging his reputation among those he needs most. The more or less rioting mob in Inner London will vote for Ken anyway, and Boris should know by now he would not take the homosexual vote  (how much is that? 1%? Less? Seriously? What does Johnson smoke in the morning?) if he danced in a pink tutu in Trafalgar Square, singing Elton John songs.

This was bad, Boris. But let us be frank: you deserve it all. You deserve the shame, the accusations of hypocrisy, and the enmity of the Christians, and if there wasn’t Ken on the other side I would say you deserve to be kicked out of the City Hall and thrown into the nearby river.


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