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It has been often observed – famously, by G K Chesterton – that when people stop believing in God, they start believing in pretty much everything else.

The fact is, on the one hand man has a need for belonging to some sort of faith (from the football club, to the political affiliation); on the other hand, a non indifferent part of the human race has an irrepressible desire to: a) feel that they are “good” and b) let you know it.

Again, as in Italian this is particularly obvious to me, because in Anglo-Saxon countries you see things whose existence you would not easily justify in Italy.

The invasion of vegetarians is an example. In country when people believe in God, they know animals are there to give us nourishment, and no one has a problem with a cow landing on his plate at dinner. Until 20 years ago…

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  1. I take your point absolutely. Italians are very sensible, on a personal level, and religion is the main reason. However, the Italian Republic remains a fully-paid-up official believer in the EU’s climate religion, and Italians suffer uncounted economic damage as a result. Italy has also rejected nuclear energy for the same spurious reasons.

    • of course, David, and there’s much more wrong than that, too…

      I see what Italians (in general) do right, but I am certainly not blind to what they do wrong; which is in part why I live abroad.


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