Bishop Bonny Openly Heretical, Feels very Cool.

Latimer and Ridley wondered why Bishop Bonny was not following them.

My experience in Bruges is one of the most appalling Catholic events I have ever witnessed ( I assume here the Mass had sacramental validity, though I can’t be certain) and if you read that blog post (or this other one) you will certainly understand the Church in Belgium is in deep… trouble, and a local Church in deep trouble is almost certain to have very bad bishops.

We have now further confirmation of this, from an interview given from Bishop Bonny (you will remember him, perhaps, from this post).

Bonny seems to have two fixed ideas: 1) ordination of married man, and 2) letting you know he likes to flirt with the idea of priestesses.In the old post, he insisted on letting us know the idea of “priestesses” is “difficult” (You don’t say? Are you really sure?) . Today, he insists in letting us know Catholics in Belgium “might accept it”.

In doing so,Bishop Bonny lets us know ut I doubt he is aware of the real nature of his message.

He probably merely wants to let us know that whilst his sheep are so modern, inclusive and open-minded, those poor primitive Catholics from Africa and elsewhere are not so advanced, and we must pay attention not to offend those poor, simple, unenlightened people.

May God have mercy on this man’s soul, but don’t bet your pint.

Bishop Bonny is an appointment of Pope Benedict XVI.


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