“La Stampa”: Bishop Fellay Has Signed!

Tradidi quod et accepi. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

On the usual Rorate Caeli page, the anticipation from “La Stampa”‘s  Andrea Tornielli Fellay has signed the preambolo dottrinale. The official announcement is now to follow in a matter of hours.

As to the details, no dramas, which means: historic vindication (or should I say: victory? Or is this indelicate?)  for the SSPX.

From what transpires, the SSPX accepts the Pope and Bishops must be given “religious submission of will and intellect”, “when they exercise their authentic Magisterium”, which to me is so banal as to be a  tautology. Whilst this does include what is not dogmatically declared, it does exclude what is not in harmony with authentic Magisterium.

Thinking out loud, this means the SSPX doesn’t say they obey the Pope only when he speaks ex cathedra (this would be absurd, and extremely un-Catholic), but it means they obey the Pope exactly as they have obeyed the Pope until now, that is: as long as the Pope is in line with the Church.

Unless I am making a big mistake, this means the SSPX hasn’t given an inch on her condemnation of Vatican II; better, of whatever is wrong in Vatican II.

This is a day that will be remembered in history; the day in 50 or 100 years will be remember as the beginning of the end of Vatican II. The day the lie of “NuChurch” is exposed, and condemned to the well-deserved ridicule; if not tomorrow, certainly in the decades to come.

I am tired from all the vain clicking today, and probably should go to sleep now and wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will have ( I think) official press releases, and a clearer idea.

But I think it will be a sweet night.

My prayers, today more than ever, to Archbishop Lefebvre.

What a great, great man.


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  1. novusordoughboy

    I admit I lean somewhat towards the skeptical group on this matter, but guess we’ll see how things go. Hopefully well.

    • I have no doubts anymore at this point; the level of detail is, I think, too much.

      I will read the protocols of the meetings – when they are published – with great interest.


  2. Newsflash! The purchase of kleenexes and toliet paper are at an all time high among Catholic liberals! It’s cases a drastic shortage!

  3. VICTORY of course.

    It will take decades to undo the damage done over the last 50 years, but we now know the result. Watch out for liberal-dissident-heretic fireworks in the coming days!

    • Ben,

      I’m not sure the liberals have access to the internet 😉 . I expect the NCR to make some noise, and the tablet to spit some venom, but I think in general the Birkenstock people are old and tired.

      I am astonished at how readily people now say “and with your spirit”, even in “liberal” churches. If the Pope now had the guts to kick out o office a dozen among the worst bishops, and excommunicate half a dozen among the worst theologians, I think the other would march in line like as many toy soldiers.


  4. BC,
    Yes, I think it will take many decades. But thank God the healing has truly begun in a way that is undeniable.

    The backlash may be bigger than one would expect. Since the Church and the Obama administration are at such odds, the media will spin this for election purposes. Politics will give it life and I expect it to get a lot of negative coverage from all the major networks and print media. I hope I am wrong…. but, I dont think I am gonna be.

    • Frankly, Irenaeus, I think the more noise, the better. Obama has already proven his idea he can gain ground by attacking the Church just doesn’t work.

      This morning Christianity will awaken, and think.


  5. Great news. I think those who are panicking about this (I mean within the chapels of the Society) are being premature. There will be no compromise with modernism. Onward to victory!

    • I fully agree, Gerard.
      I can’t imagine anything of the sort.
      I am more worried of how the tambourines in the Vatican corridors will save face than about the SSPX making compromises with the Faith.


  6. “This morning Christianity will awaken ..”.

    This is it in a nutshell.

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