Irish Abortion Bill Defeated

In what can only have been the first battle of a long war, the Irish Parliament has defeated a bill seeking to introduce abortion in Ireland.

You can read the details on E F Pastor Emeritus.  I will, as usual, limit myself to some comments:

1. The member Mick Wallace tried to impress his colleagues (apparently almost ending up in tears; he, not his colleagues) reading an email from a lady who had travelled to Britain in a desperate effort to kill her baby after knowing he suffered from a fatal foetal abnormality. No surprise the colleagues weren’t impressed.  Perhaps the c just couldn’t see where the point was. I admit, I couldn’t either. Still, in Mick Wallace you see a beautiful example of sensitive Nazi at work.

2. Unfortunately, the weak and tired Western European political systems seems to follow the idea that if you have lost once, you have lost forever. Therefore, the abortionist camp will insist on abortion legislation in the years to come, and the first time they win the matter will be archived as a historical battle, lost by the anti-Catholic fraction. Not so in the US, where capital punishment has been revived, Obamacare might soon be killed (by the Judiciary, perhaps; and by Legislative, if Romney can be scared enough) and the various pro-homo laws are being vigorously attacked were judicial activism (never the majority of the voters) has put them in place.

3. This is interesting: “Abortion is often presented as being pro-woman but what abortion advocates refuse to confront is the devastating impact abortion has on many women.  In 1997, we were convulsed by the ‘C’ case involving the young girl made pregnant through rape.  The courts again decided that the compassionate solution was to send the girl to the UK for an abortion, but 12 years later the woman at the centre of the case spoke of her devastation and deep regret at having the abortion. It is not clear to me how it could be “compassionate” to kill a baby. If the mother did not want to have anything to do with the baby, an orphanage would have been the solution. This idea of killing a baby because the mother was raped is simply murderous madness.

I would like to rejoice at this news, but I cannot. I feel the stories of coat hangers will start to circulate again (better to kill the baby faster, they mean; hey, we want to kill him anyway, right?) and the Irish people will throw in the towel at the first defeat.

They are not alone in this mentality, though. I remember the priest at school feeling smart as he told us the Church doesn’t fight battles she know she can’t win. What a bunch of cowards.


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