“We Are Church” Plans New March On Rome

"Wir Sind Kirche" HQ in a rare archive image



In case your day is proving rather dull, perhaps I may help: KATH.NET informs us the imaginative group “Wir Sind Kirche” plans to descend on Rome from, apparently, several countries in December 2015 and once there (besides having a short holiday; Rome in December is beautiful) proceed to what they call a “big protest march”, at the end of which the new documents of their own “Third Vatican Council” would be presented. The documents on Kath.Net’s desk also say the participants are preparing alternative plans in case it should rain, as they don’t want the revolution to get wet and one imagines many of the participants will not be in their greenest years anymore; this, besides the worries the usual wannabe priestesses would then ruin their coiffure.

Seriously: if they want the holiday, why not jump on the plane? Oh, wait: because they want other people to pay for them?


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  1. novusordoughboy

    I give up. I can’t find Waldo anywhere.

  2. Mundabor,
    at first I thought the picture was from a Mass during the regular meeting of this heretic group in “full communion”, but then I recognised my error:
    (a) They don’t like such a formal, liturgical setting
    (b) The priest (the juggling fellow in the multi-colored vestments, right at the front) is male and has his “back to the people”
    (c) There are too many children; the average age is way too low.

    But let them storm Rome in 2015. Cardinal Fellay will certainly greet them warmly.

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