LCWR’s “Theology” And The Licence To Bark

She was angry at the Vatican.

On the “God and the machine” blog (yes, I know: he writes on Patheos) we find an interesting article describing the self-made theology of Barbara Max Hubbard. The lady would be, to us, totally irrelevant as one of those ridiculous new-age-cum-gandhi charlatans going around, but unfortunately she is not, because she was invited to talk at the LCWR annual conference, in which apparently – and unsurprisingly – such plainly heretical/heathenish talk found a great echo.

The inconsequential bollocks she dishes to her listeners is best described with the words of Philip Neri at the Domine, da mihi hanc aquam blog: “I would add a few descriptive words myself, but I might die in my sleep unabsolved of serious sin”.

I am not surprised that people able to tell themselves nuns and to encourage such blasphemy have the gut to complain because they have been corrected. The old witches have not been punished nearly as harshly as they have richly deserved. Therefore, they can now bark as loud as they can without fear of exemplary punishment. 

Once again, I have the impression the approach used with the, erm, ladies was far too mild. They will  only do what is absolutely necessary to avoid worse measures – I can’t imagine it to be much;  some soon-forgotten reiteration of fidelity to Church teaching should do -, after which they’ll probably continue their work more or less undisturbed. Who is, I ask, going to stop them? The Vatican? How so, if years of unashamed paganism has led to nothing more than a gentle rebuke and slow “help” to clean up the shop a bit in the next, what was it, five years?

The reaction to the conclusion of the apostolic visitation shows it doesn’t make sense to be mild in these matters. The liberals bark exactly as loud, the witches remain as unrepentant as they were before. An exemplary punishment (as in: choice between abiura or excommunication for the leaders; suppression of the entire LCWR; suppression of the worst of the religious orders member of the LCWR) would have silenced “progressive” “Catholics” the world over and sent a clear message the party is now at an end, and such antics will not be tolerated.

Alas, it is in the style of this pontificate to be always in the middle of everything: half supporter of traditional liturgy, half of the neocatechumenal way; half commander-in-chief, half encouraging uncle; harsh in words against dissent, but far too mild in action.

Make no mistake: dissent will continue unabated, and will perhaps be emboldened by the absence of exemplary measures.

They all know now they still have licence to bark.


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  1. “But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.”
    Apocalypse 3:16

    “Alas, it is in the style of this pontificate to be always in the middle of everything: half supporter of traditional liturgy, half of the neocatechumenal way; half commander-in-chief, half encouraging uncle; harsh in words against dissent, but far too mild in action.”

    I am afraid that it is not only this pontificate. Benedict XVI is the personification of the best of the Second Vatican Council, that is, indifference. Indifference as opposed to persecution of Tradition. This indifference, this lukewarmness, is the best we can hope for in the visible sphere of the post-Conciliar era.


    • I wouldn’t be so harsh, Fugerunt, and am far away from believing the Pontiff will be vomited out of any mouth. A also understand being a Pope is a big responsibility.

      On the other hand, no one is forced to take such responsibility on himself, and in my eyes a Pope should have the courage to do more.

      What I find a particular problem is the number of atrocious bishops he has appointed and continues to appoint: he avoid the conflict now, the Church will suffer from this for decades to come.

      Not sure it’s the right way.


  2. Yea Mund, it’s a shame that our Holy Father tends to be a halter between two opinions. He has done some wonderful things, like freeing up the traditional mass, but he doesn’t take real effective action against liturgical abuses that still occur. Our next pope is going to have to be a really pissed off man who will have the attitude that ‘enough is enough’ and be willing to make enemies right and left to restore the church to what it should be. In fact, he ought to have as his slogan, “This is how it’s going to be, like it always was before 1962!” Then he should say,” If you don’t like it, join the synagogue, the Protestants, the sodomites, the socialists, et al. , but if you want to be Catholics, it’s God’s way or the highway!”

    • The next Pope will, I am afraid, find the problems of JP II pontificate partially amplified by the appointments of B XVI. On the other hand, he’ll be able to reintroduce the Tridentine mass faster, and – very probably – to rapidly fill his corridors of SSPX or very conservative men.

      I remain persuaded B XVI thinks it is enough if he does the talking, so that his successor may do the walking. In the meantime, “gay marriage” looms in many European countries and the bishops appointed by him do, exactly, nothing.


  3. I couldn’t agree more Mundabor with your assessment of this Pontificate. A revolutionary himself, this Pope, a Gorbachev-like figure in my view, clearly understands the fact and nature I would think too of the collapse but just cannot fully reject what he must knows the causes to be: neo-Modernism and neo-Protestantism within the bosom of Holy Mother Church.

    We still await the Pope who will restore all things in Jesus Christ.

    • Ben, I think the paragon with Gorbachev is very fitting (I have even written about this in the past).

      Benedict XVI thinks V II can be reformed like Gorbachev thought Communism could. In my eyes, Benedict’s hopes will be punished by reality in the same way as Gorbachev’s.


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